Saturday, November 10, 2007

NanoNoveling and Other Things

This year's nanonovel is going well. I'm still behind on my word count, but I'm ahead of where I was last year, I think. With the writer's strike on, less television means more writing for me.

I feel just a little guilty writing when the WGA writer's strike is happening, but I can support them in other ways. I hope the AMPTP realizes how valuable good writers are and pay them accordingly; writers simply want to secure their future in the age of digital media. They create the words that come out of the actors' mouths after all! It all starts with pen on paper .. or fingers to keyboard. Actually, it starts with an idea, but it's the writers who first make the idea come alive on paper. If it's not written down, the idea will never become a reality, no matter how amazing the idea or how wonderful the cast and crew are. The writers are the first step of many, but it's an important step in the storytelling. Just as important as good directing and brilliant acting.

Busy with insurance research, film festival research, lots of research! lol But it's all good. I'll be relieved when the insurance research is over though. That is very time consuming and exhausting, especially when the person I'm doing the research for doesn't give me much in feedback. *sigh*

Oh! and this year's Farscape Creation Con won't be the last one after all. That means I have a chance of attending in 2008! The big obstacles are money and my fear of flying. As long as the money situation is better next year, I'll only have to deal with the anxiety issues. It'd be great if I could go on a plane full of Scapers, a whole plane full of flight buddies! Of course, the stewardesses might not enjoy a rowdy plane of Scapers, but it certainly would set my mind at ease. Ooh, and maybe Signal Room will play next year, and I'll finally get to see them perform live! Bonus! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2007 Farscape Con Book List

I copied the following information from TerraFirma and am sharing it with all those who haven't yet seen the list. Please check for updated information on con book listings and for more info. on what a con book is. If *you* would like to do a con book for one of the Farscape actors, directors, etc., not yet listed, please volunteer here.

"As a courtesy to the con book organizers, please do your best to send your submissions in before the due date.

Please remember NOT to submit unpublished written works such as short stories, scripts, etc. The cast members may not read unpublished works due to legal issues that could arise at a later date."

CON BOOK RECIPIENTS (and ORGANIZERS and due dates when they're available):

Claudia Black (Aeryn): Camerascaper - due October 20 - send to (Put Claudia's Con Book in subject line.)

Ben Browder (John): Elnea - due October 20 - send to (400 words or less, please.)

Francesca Buller (M'Lee, roNA, Raxil, Ahkna): Captain Aeryn Sun Crichton - due October 8 - send to . (Put Fran's Con Book in subject line.)

Gigi Edgley (Chiana): visionary nixa - due October 14 - send to .

David Franklin (Braca): Camerascaper - due October 20 - send to (Put David's Con Book in subject line.)

Paul Goddard (Stark): BlueBanikBaby - due date October 14 (tentative) - send to . (Details: Also, I would like to make a special request for submissions - I ask that anyone who has or even just has listened to a copy of Paul's CD would write a quick review of it. At least a paragraph - detailing what you thought. His music is obviously very important to Paul, and I thought this would be a good way to show support! The usual Stark-related stuff is great too.)

Rebecca Riggs (Grayza): Camerascaper - due October 20 - send to (Put Rebecca's Con Book in subject line.)

Lani Tupu (Crais): jagwriter78 - due October 14 - send to (Put Con Book in subject line.)

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Farscape, SciFi and Creation

I know others have posted this already, but just in case anyone missed the info., here it is again.

Go to and sign up/register your email address to be notified of updates regarding the Farscape web series. This is a great way to let SciFi know how many people out there are interested in Farscape on the web. ;)

Because of the web series news, Creation is currently conducting a poll asking whether or not they should continue with Farscape-related cons or leave this year's Burbank con as the last one like they originally planned. Click on the link below to cast your vote.

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Writing and Film and .. *sigh*

I've written more in the past week than I have all summer, and it's a wonderful feeling. Research and other preperation work for NaNoWriMo (I want to finish it this year!) along with exploration of film ideas have inspired me to take pen to paper again. *sigh*

When I haven't written in awhile, I forget how much I've missed it. Jotting down a few lines and ideas, trying to connect thoughts and themes, playing around with dialogue snippets to get a better sense of a particular characters, it's all flowing out of me right now, and it feels *so* good! I really wish I was home to work in my notebooks and not here at the computer at work. :)

An added motivational spark was the email I received from Solonia over the weekend. The wheels are currently in motion for P7D, and somehow that knowledge has energized me. I've been in a better mood this week than I have (consistently anyway) in quite some time. I'll have to ask S. about pointing people to the film site; I'm not sure if she wants that done yet or not. ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

2007's Walk for Hunger

It's that time of the year again! : )

The Walk for Hunger is Sunday, May 6, 2007. Join 40,000 Walkers and 2,000 volunteers and be part of the effort to end hunger in Massachusetts!

You can walk all 20 miles or just part of the route. Buses are available at each checkpoint to bring you back to the Common. Walk with classmates, coworkers, a religious group, friends or family!

Volunteers are also needed to hand out snacks, water, and more. It's a great family activity, so bring the kids, wear the free volunteer T-shirts, and teach your children about giving back. Bring a group, or come by yourself and meet new people. Volunteer for a morning or afternoon shift, or stay all day - it's up to you.

Whether you are beginning or continuing your commitment to helping hungry people, there is something for everyone! Learn more and register online at

I'll be walking again, of course. If you would like to sponsor me in this year's Walk, you can do so by donating online at my Walk WebPage. Or, if you'd like to donate by check, send me a message, and I'll give you the address to send it to. And thank you!

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Aurora Awards - Nominations Open!

Nominations for the Aurora Awards, recognizing the best in Farscape fan fiction, are now open until February 7. See the site for all the details.

For most of the categories, simply fill out the form on the nomination ballot. Categories not on the ballot are sponsored by other groups so you'll need to check each group's site for details.

The Society Against Cruelty to Crichton (SACC) is proud to sponsor two categories this year: Best Action/Adventure (short, medium, long) and Best Characterization: John Crichton. Please visit the SACC site for details or simply email your nominations with the following info.:

Your Name:
Your Email:
Author Email: (if available)
Story Title:
Story URL:

For info. on all the sponsors, please visit the Aurora Awards Live Journal community.

*Choose wisely. Only one nomination per category, please.