Friday, February 20, 2004

Boston & Filmmaking

Boston is #3 on MovieMaker Magazine's 2004 list of Top 10 Cities for Moviemakers. Also listed in the article is the link to the new Massachusetts Film Bureau site at It also mentions the BFVF which has recently closed its doors and turned over its Film & Video Festival to the Film Shack in Roxbury. They'll be the new resource on workshops and networking, I guess.

Of note, The 13th Annual Massachusetts Awards Gala with proceeds to benefit the Massachusetts Film Bureau will be held this Sunday the 29th at The Wang on Tremont Street. Tickets are $150 and include viewing of the 76th Annual Academy Awards® on the big screen. With the $500 tickets, you get a better dinner and shmoozing with celebrities. For Further Information, call 617-523-8388 or visit the Film Bureau's website.

Too bad I hadn't known about this sooner. Oh well. Looks like I'll be checking out that site more often. ;-)

btw, I found the Bureau's link and the link to the article above at Virtual Boston.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Assorted Headlines - Read all about it!

well, headlines and links and things like that ;-)

1. Signs you might be obsessed with Labyrinth

2. Mittens the Kitten found on Kazbaby's Live Journal

3. Designing a Virtual World

4. Scientists watch black hole rip star apart

5. Virginia Hey to appear at United Fan Con East in Quincy, MA ... assuming the organizers sell enough tickets and have enough people join the UFC Insider's Club

6. New look for Watch Farscape aka

7. and the Farscape Webmasters Association has a new site as well!



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