Thursday, March 24, 2005

PKW Widescreen!

The "Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars" DVD that I won was waiting for me when I got home today! =)

I want to watch the Making of PKW documentary, but I got home so late, and my sis would prefer I wait for her to watch it. I'm going to *try* to be patient. ;-)

Thank you, Tony Tellado from Sci-Fi Talk! :D

*doin' a happy dance*
Walking to Help the Hungry

Project Bread's annual Walk for Hunger is coming up on Sunday, May 1, and I plan on walking again this year (with, hopefully, a few new faces joining me! *g*).

If you'd like to make a pledge online/sponsor me, click here. Thank you!

To find out other ways to help ease hunger in Mass., please visit this page. =)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

March is Women's History Month

MSN's got an interesting article, in honor of Women's History Month (March), Eight Great Women, Five Awful Ones.

Like the title suggests, the article notes eight amazing women and five who weren't so nice. ;)
Some I'd never heard of before, like The Trung sisters and Phung Thi Chinh:

Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, sisters and widows of Vietnamese aristocrats, led a major uprising against Chinese invaders in AD 39. Trung Trac ruled for four years before the Chinese conquered Vietnam again, but resistance continued for the next 1,000 years. Many women figured in the resistance, notably Phung Thi Chinh, who fought while pregnant, paused to give birth, and rejoined the fight with her baby on her back.

Sound like a certain Peacekeeper we know? *g*

Or how about Ida Wells-Bartlett, described as a "precursor to Rosa Parks"?

Of course, I *had* heard of some of them, most notably Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary), Countess Nadasy (Elizabeth Bathory) and pirates Mary Reade & Anne Bonney.

In the article is also a link to seven women explorers, also a great read.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ugly Doll in the Movies!

Hey, it's Ugly Doll! :D

(not that this matters, but my little niece loves her Ugly Doll that we got her -- actually, we'd gotten her two*g*)

*this is cross-posted to my live journal as well
MediterrAsian Cooking takes the best of Mediterranean and Asian diets and offering healthy, tasty meal options. I could definitely subscribe to this. Add some chocolates for dessert, and I am a happy person. :P

In honor of my cousin N. studying abroad in Greece, I took a look at their breakdown of the Greek diet. N., does this sound about right? *g* Actually, I was told by her that she & some new friends (six) had gone out to indulge one night: cheese sticks, fried zucchini with white sauce topping, lamb chops, two orders of calamari, feta with oil, bread, salad, cheese melt (four types of cheese w/ a tomato), and two liters of wine (though she says "it was the really cheap wine though"), and 3 liters of water. That's what she could remember. The total cost (for the six people) came to 60euro (N. kindly noted that 1euro=$1.30), plus they got live Greek music. Though I could've skipped the lamb and calamari, the rest would have been promptly devoured by me. It just sounds soooo good! :D

Anyway, I thought I'd share the site for those who might be interested.

(I've also cross-posted this to my live journal.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Happy Birthday, Sherbert

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! =)

The following was originally posted on my LJ, but I know not everyone reads it so, I'll repost here. ;-)

I love this. Filmmaker Scott Weintrob took his Canon digicam, his PowerBook G4 and a boom box to the streets of L.A. to record a music vid for the rerelease of the song "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" by C+C Music Factory. He shot, edited and burned the video to DVD within a week. Macs rock. =)

Also, on March 11, I received my Walking Papers today. I'll be signing up online, too, to collect pledges soon and will post that link when I do (just in case anyone wants to pledge me!) ... If anyone wants to join me this year, just let me know before May 1. I know a lot of people walk it on their own or volunteer for the Walk for Hunger each year, but if you want company, you know where I am. =)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Scary Dolls and Needy Toys

Over the weekend, I was surfing the net for various blog sites and took a peek at one of's spotlighted blogs:

On this site is a collection of posts about unusual or just really cool gadgets and toys for popular culture. :) One post in particular caught my eye, and I followed the link to
Little Apple Dolls. The site design is almost hypnotic. lol I spent several minutes simply watching what happens when I rolled my mouse over certain pieces of text. (Yes, I am easily amused sometimes. *bg*) The dolls are as beautiful as they are creepy, and the tales about each character, the Children of the Inbetween Place, are haunting. They would definitely frighten most children, but teens and adults who are fans of the Goth world will love them, I bet. I'm almost tempted to get one myself. *g*

There's also a fun write-up on the Furby, which the author describes as the most annoying toy on the market, and another on a similar but lesser known toy, the Needies. :)

Friday, March 04, 2005

Angels, Hobbits and Dragons

I found all of the following in a post (well, posts if you count the Dragons television program) on Neil Gaiman's blog.

* This story is just too freaky. In "a place where angels and gargoyles are said to keep company" (according to local historians), five dogs have leaped off a bridge to their deaths, one in front of the owner.

* Scientists have recently confirmed that the hobbit-sized human remains discovered in Indonesia were most likely a new species of human. This might explain, in a way, the folklore of dwarves and elves (like in LOTR). I'd always believed the myths were derived from those born with a medical or genetic condition causing dwarfism, and the legends about giants (like in "Jack and the Beanstalk") were made up to explain those with acromegaly or gigantism before doctors had discovered the cause, but it could be that the stories were passed down about an actual, completely different species of human. I find that fascinating. Just as fascinating (to me anyway) is the program on Discovery about "Dragons", which I missed. lol

Unrelated to angels, hobbits or dragons is a chilling new short story by Michael P. Dunn (aka wordboy on the Dom) called "With Eyes Open ..." published in the current issue of Deep Magic. Have a read and be sure to let him know what you think. :)
Tribeca/Amazon Short Film Competition

Tribeca Film Festival is coming up April 19 - May 1. I heard on the radio this morning that Robert DeNiro is offering/hosting a short film contest in conjunction with The top five entries will be shown at the festival, and in June the winning entry is announced. The winning entry gets a pre-paid $50,000 American Express card to fund future films! :) Deadline is April 13 and details are over at the Amazon site.
Podcasting and the Saturns

I got home to find waiting for me my voting ballot for the Saturn Awards. Woooohoooo! :)

Also, last night I received an email announcing that Podcasting has arrived at Sci-Fi Talk which is really cool; I can now listen to shows on my iPod. :) But the best part of the email was a little contest for their listeners. The first two people to respond to the email win a copy of the Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars DVD. Guess who was one of the first two people to respond? That's right! .. ME!!!!! :D *vbg*

*does a little happy dance*