Monday, March 07, 2005

Scary Dolls and Needy Toys

Over the weekend, I was surfing the net for various blog sites and took a peek at one of's spotlighted blogs:

On this site is a collection of posts about unusual or just really cool gadgets and toys for popular culture. :) One post in particular caught my eye, and I followed the link to
Little Apple Dolls. The site design is almost hypnotic. lol I spent several minutes simply watching what happens when I rolled my mouse over certain pieces of text. (Yes, I am easily amused sometimes. *bg*) The dolls are as beautiful as they are creepy, and the tales about each character, the Children of the Inbetween Place, are haunting. They would definitely frighten most children, but teens and adults who are fans of the Goth world will love them, I bet. I'm almost tempted to get one myself. *g*

There's also a fun write-up on the Furby, which the author describes as the most annoying toy on the market, and another on a similar but lesser known toy, the Needies. :)

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