Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today Was a Good Day

My glasses and I are a bit wet from our drizzly walk to the supermarket and back, but a few items were needed for tomorrow's "feast" so it had to be done. It's chilly, foggy and sprinkling, but it's nice out all the same. I know that sounds strange, especially considering I wouldn't normally describe an evening like this as nice. I think it must be the mood I'm in today. The fact that a branch leaped out and hit me in the face on my way home didn't sour my mood either, oddly enough. Okay, so it didn't come out of nowhere, but my glasses don't have windshield wipers, and I had no idea the branch was sticking out right there in front of my face; had I known I would've avoided the branch naturally. ;)

This weekend I was not in such a great mood. Two people I know had visits to the ER. Once was released the next day, and the other is still there at the hospital. Both are doing just fine, but both have fairly serious health issues if you think about it. So I'm not thinking about it.

I am seriously behind on my NaNoWriMo word count. I'm one-fifth of the way there with a little over five days to go. *headdesk* My own fault, but I still have hope for this coming weekend.

The beginning of the week was not so nice for me at work. Nothing bad happened, it's just that the paperwork is piling up, and there are no helpful hands. I've got piles and piles of stuff to do, and the hands that are supposed to be helpful simply give me more stuff before leaving early for the day so it appears that the hands have done their work, while not following through on anything I've passed along to those hands. Leaving me to do take care of that as well. And that's the most polite way to describe it. C'est la vie.

And I intended to have several Christmas ornaments made for the etsy shop by this weekend. That hasn't happened yet. I did start on one Saturday, but then I put it all aside when the Bean came over, and never picked it back up again.

Today, however, went really well. No one yelled at me at work. Not one person. This is always a good thing. :) Everyone was in a pleasant mood, at work, outside of work, at the post office, in the coffee shop. :) To top it all off, I received two lovely letters today. One from my Dad (yay!). The other from someone I hadn't expected to write me back so that was a real treat. Two lovely surprises from two lovely people, and tomorrow all the sisters will be here for Thanksgiving. So it's a good mood for me all around. All kinds of awesomeness.

Oh, and "The Philanthropist" will be released on DVD, January 5, 2010! In time for my birthday. :) (and yes, that's a hint!)

p.s. Thaer Abdallah, my friend Sheila's hubby, has another art show in December at the 1369 Coffee House in Inman Square if anyone's interested. Opening reception is this Monday, December 7, courtesy of Out of the Blue Art Gallery.