Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's a Good Day for Apple Cider

Not much going on this weekend as I sip my hot apple cider. Yesterday was full of work, munchkins (not the edible variety but my niece and her friend who were visiting) and missed phone calls and texts. I fell asleep much too early for my liking last night and spent more money than I planned on during the day -- none of it on myself. I fear today, as beautiful as it is, will pass by just as quickly but not as eventfully.

To combat the face failure/crush funk I've been in on and off this year, I actually joined a dating service and met a really nice guy. It seems almost foreign to have someone be interested and act interested in me. Someone who calls me all the time, wants to do things and seems excited to spend time with me, who doesn't treat me like an after thought. Someone who doesn't ask me to do something with him and then takes off with his friends when he gets a better offer. I have enough "friends" who do that on a regular basis; I don't need any more. I just hope I don't mess this up because my comfort level is off, and I don't always want to chat on the phone. This is actually going a little faster than I'm used to. It's probably a really slow pace for normal people, but since when have I been accused of being normal? So far he hasn't perceived me as too boring or too strange. Yay!

It's just so difficult to completely let go of the crush, but somehow I have to try. If I don't, I'll never get out of this funk!

Oh, and a nice surprise! I found out I won a Red Sox gift basket yesterday! I'd purchased raffle tickets back in September and forgotten about it. Now I have to figure out how to claim it.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy World Post Day and 52 Weeks of Mail

It's October 9. Happy World Post Day! Read about it here and then write that letter you've been meaning to write all this time. If you're feeling particularly nostalgic for letter writing days and you love a challenge, consider 52 Weeks of Mail, an idea started by one of the Etsy Teams, in honor of World Post Day. The idea is to commit to sending one postcard, letter, note or other card once a week for a year. It's a very cool idea, I think, and also a wonderful way not only to support the Post Office but brighten up someone's day. How many of us are secretly (or not so secretly *points to self*) thrilled when we receive something in the mail other than a bill? If you're on facebook, you can visit the page: The Challenge starts today. Grab your favorite pen and get writing!

Botanical PaperWorks is offering to mail a free, plantable card, at least one a week for the next 52 weeks, to randomly picked people. If you'd like to enter for your chance at being one of those lucky people picked at random, visit their blog for the details.

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