Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Walk for Hunger

Project Bread's The Walk for Hunger is Sunday, May 1, and I'm doing it again this year. If you'd like to sponsor me, please click here.

Many thanks to those who've donated something already! =)

Walk Day Map
Walk for Hunger FAQ

Thursday, April 14, 2005

iMix Fun

I watched a little snippet on E.T. (Entertainment Tonight) about the debut of David Duchovny's film House of D. That reminded me about D.D.'s iMix that he posted on his blog, and I was inspired to make some of my own.

Check them out. Let me know what you think (if you feel so inclined). Thanks!

D.'s iMix Shuffle

D.'s World/International Beat

D.'s Happy Joy Mix

D.'s Dance Mix
Invisibility and Force Fields R Us

Which Incredibles Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

The above quiz was found on LJ user cretkid's journal. =)

I lost another piece of my tooth yesterday. *sigh* On a brighter note, I'll be visiting my grandmother this weekend. ;)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Exotic Cities, Ducks and Disasters

No, the ducks and disasters aren't exotic. Neither is one related story-wise to the other. ;-) I'm just a bit bored, waiting for a friend to call and decided to do a little websurfing. These are some of the topics I found. has a great article 5 Cities on $250 a Day. Buenos Aires seemed to be the best bargain; the lucky correspondent even got a lesson in Argentinian tango. ;-) The other cities visited are London, Bangkok, San Francisco and Florence, respectively. (Speaking of Florence, there was a Globe Trekker episode on when I got home from work today - Italy, from Rome down to the tip, and then a little Globe Trekker extra: shopping in Florence. *bg*)

This story is funny and sweet: Secret Service Guards Mother Duck

Get your cameras ready! Billions of butterflies descend on California!

Just in time for the "Amityville Horror" remake's release the truth behind the Amityville Horror is revealed to those of us who hadn't heard the story behind the story before. According to this article, the Lutzes were not as truthful as we were led to believe; the house is just a house. I'm a little disappointed. Of course, there's also sites like The Amityville Horror Truth Website which lean in the opposite direction. That site has a transcript from a story on the house at Oh, and before I forget, the official website hosted by George Lutz himself and the Warrens investigate: Amityville - enjoy the read & come to your own conclusions.

Somehow, I don't find the following comforting: Hole Drilled to Bottom of Earth's Crust, Breakthrough to Mantle Looms

That leaves the two articles I came across on disasters of both the astronomic and the volcanic kind. First, thecollision with Asteroid 2004 MN4 has been ruled out. Well, that's a relief. Let's hope the predicted trajectory doesn't change. Otherwise, I'm heading for the hills on April 13, 2029. Second, we have a little article out of Australia on super volcanoes. I wonder if that's a new term or have volcanoes of the size mentioned in the article always been called super volcanoes.

I think I'm growing tired of waiting for my friend to call or show. I still have to do my taxes if you can believe that, so perhaps, I'll take the phone off the hook and get at least one thing accomplished this afternoon. ;-)

Monday, April 04, 2005

House of D, part 2: the trailer

L2 mentioned to me that she'd seen the House of D trailer on trailers. For some reason, I hadn't even thought to look over there! lol (*shakes head*) I just viewed the trailer, and now, I'm even more excited to see this film. Robin Williams is an amazing actor, and I always look forward to projects that he's in. From the clips I saw, Tea Leoni does a wonderful turn as the mother of the boy, and the young actor himself seems very talented. I wanted a longer trailer. :)

As L2 had mentioned to me (over on Live Journal) she likes movies that are character driven. So do I. In fact, I love good storytelling, period, and adding compelling characters while weaving a captivating tale will definitely keep my attention. A lot of it, too, has to do with how the story is told, and I have a good feeling about this film.

Other examples, imho, of good storytelling in the movies (or television):
Lord of the Rings trilogy
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
What Dreams May Come
The Matrix trilogy
Sliding Doors
and more ...
House of D

David Duchovny has a blog. I was not aware of this until now. I had heard about "House of D" but promptly forgot about it again as I often do (my mom's been telling me to eat more blueberries & apples to combat my recent forgetfulness - we'll see if it works) until I saw a little link on blogger. Wow. Very cool. :)

His movie comes out April 15. You can win advance tickets by entering a contest (here). Deadline for that is this Wednesday, April 6.

I'm very happy for David Duchovny and plan on checking this out; the premise seems cool, and I enjoyed his directing in The X-Files so I'm interested in what he does with this film. Now, if we can just get Gillian to direct something! I *loved* the episode "All Things" & wish she'd direct and write more!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

R.I.P. Karol Jozef Wotjtyla

I'm taking a moment to join the worldwide community in remembering Pope John Paul II who died today at age 84.