Sunday, June 29, 2003

"Frell Me Dead."

And so it began ... well, actually, it didn't begin there, it started with a walk to the train station where I indulged myself in Black Raspberry ice cream covered in chocolate jimmies. Okay, so "indulge" might not be the precise word I'm looking for since I eat ice cream all the time, and always draped in jimmies if I have a choice. Ice cream is naked without jimmies, and I'm a modest person. (hee hee) .. but I think you get the picture, right? Anyway, the train ride was good; no one collected tickets or asked me for money, and I ended up getting a ride home, so I still don't have a clue as to how much it costs to go to Franklin by T. lol

I'm always concerned that when I go someplace new and am meeting people I don't know, I'll end up wandering aimlessly about for several hours, but Art and I found each other without incident! yay! He was very nice as was his wife Paula (sunandmoon), the hostess of this month's Farscape Viewing Party. Paula made wings! and we had all sorts of tasty treats available! (including brownies -- yum!) We even had meatballs, cheesecake, cupcakes, wine and Cryogenic fluid, courtesy of Tracy (herdthinner), Katya, Jody, Richard (digger) and Scott (respectively). Jody and Amanda each brought along a friend! The turnout was fantastic! We "watched" Suns and Lovers, Different Destinations and Green Eyed Monster -- I discovered it's difficult to get a room full of Scapers together and not expect them to chat endlessly about all things Farscape. lol

Oh! and Jody's coming to Scapercon! yay! Rev, kerlin, katya and Jody!

[take the test] - [by]

okay, so I found this at Tulgey Wood as well.
I Am ...

many different poets ... or so it would appear. I couldn't decide on just one. Which poet do you think I am most like?

You are Carl Sandburg
You see the world in a different way than your peers and are able to find beauty in the most unusual places!

You are T.S. Eliot
Your are introspective and have an affinity for creatures that purr. You also have a tendency to doubt yourself. You can see the beauty in the world - don't let it pass you by!

You are Alfred Lord Tennyson
You are very analytical and like to debate. You want truth and beauty. For you, it seems that every cloud has a silver lining. You believe it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

You are Emily Dickinson
You are reclusive and imaginative. Not too many people know the real you, as you almost always keep your emotions locked up inside. You have a devout belief in God yet can be, at times, curiously analytical. Even still, you have passion and longing teaming beneath your surface that only a select few will ever know. You tend to deny your loneliness.

Take the Which Poet are You? Quiz - brought to you out of boredom and pretention!

I found this quiz, by the way, on a site called Tulgey Wood where there is much "frumious wiffling and frabjous galumphing." Coincidence? I think not. ;-)

Friday, June 27, 2003

Weather Pixies

I found one on mesascaper's site, so I decided to get my own.

So ... how hot is it? (Well, at 9:16am this morning, it was 77 degrees)

The WeatherPixie

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Don't believe the rumors

Oh, and I was told yesterday that there's a "rumor" going around that a fifth season of Farscape was being filmed right now, but it wasn't going to be shown in the US. I, of course, corrected the person and said basically, "No, Ben's in LA, and Gigi's on The Secret Life of Us, etc., so no, that rumor is not correct."

When I asked this person where he heard or read the rumor (I tend to hear/read most of them that circulate on the net), he replied that his friend, who watches Farcape told him. He then informed me of the contract for a fifth season (which I told him was correct) and that such a contract supercedes everything else, including a cancellation, per his friend.

I sighed, restraining myself from giving him a history lesson of the 2 yr. contract deal in 2001 and the cancellation in 2002 (for the Sci Fi Channel's explanation click here) - because he was at work, and just replied that no, that's incorrect and that he hadn't checked out Save Farscape yet, had he? He didn't answer me on that one. Time for a little re-education? ... sigh ...

And on an unrelated note ... gah! it's hot outside! ...
Science Fiction play, NYC

Article over at Ain't It Cool News which mentions a science fiction play at the New York Stage and Film Festival. I don't know if the festival is going on or is over already, but it's still interesting. Too bad I didn't know about it sooner. lol

I actually snurched the article link from, so I should probably give them an acknowledgement. ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Hey Nonny Nonny

This weekend my family and I watched Much Ado About Nothing starring Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. The movie also features Denzel Washington, Michael Keaton, and Keanu Reeves among others. It's hilarious and touching and beautifully acted by everyone (well, except for, per Micky, Keanu Reeve's wooden recitation of Shakespeare)!

It really is a fantastically funny movie, and I highly recommend it! Plus, for any of the PPR who may read this, there is that wonderful line in the beginning and once again the end, "Hey nonny nonny."

I believe the verse is:
Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more,
Men were deceivers ever,
One foot in sea and one on shore,
To one thing constant never:
Then sigh not so, but let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny,
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into Hey nonny, nonny.

(Shakespeare, "Much Ado About Nothing", Act 2, Scene 3)

It's fitting, imo, that Shakespeare (in this case) and the Parabolic One (chants "heynoninoni") go hand in hand (at least as far as that phrase goes! *bg*). (The SACC knows why -- but I'll share -- Ben loves Shakespeare.) The icing on the cake would've been seeing that Aussie commercial again (for a product called "V"?) with the garden gnomes that I witnessed a few weeks back while watching a copy of The Secret Life of Us. But alas! I was not watching Aussie TV at the time.

Oh, and for Gigi Edgley fans there's a transcript of a chat she did for The Secret Life of Us here. Doesn't say too much, but she mentions Farscape ... always a plus. Also, it's great to see her and other cast members working, so ...

Monday, June 23, 2003

Slacking off in The Green Room with Demotica

Please excuse my attempt at a catchy title (above).

First, a little pulg for the independent band Demotica. Visit their site. Buy a CD. Check them out!

Second, The Slackers are back in Mass. on June 29th at The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub in Cambridge.

Lastly, I was deleting old email messages in one of my overloaded accounts Saturday morning and rediscovered a link to the online magazine The Green Room which is based out of Eastern Mass.! It's a fun, cool magazine, full of interviews with the likes of Matthew Lillard, David Boreanaz, and BNL. I have a lot of back issues to catch up on before publication starts up again in August 2003.
UFOs Sims Style

Even though this post has to do with Saturday, I feel it's important to share, especially if anyone reading this plays The Sims on Playstation 2.

Okay, my PS2 strategy guide for The Sims did not mention anything about alien abductions. Sure, the dad in the screen capture is talking with his kid about aliens. "Music and space aliens make for positive interactions between this father and son," the book says. I figured they were talking about alien movies or tv shows, but actual ALIENS??

Word of advice ... Do not let your Sim child or any of your Sims, for that matter, gaze through the telescope for too long at night. Yes, I know that it boosts their fun points and is an easy way to get the kids to study, but an alien abduction is a traumatic event both for the Sims and for you.

Don't expect the Simville police or fire department to be of any help either. While the parents sobbed over their missing daughter, the police woman scolded them. So, I directed Bella to look through the telescope, hoping somehow it would bring the little girl back. Not a good idea. Soon she was gone as well, leaving both her husband and the fireman to cry over her disappearance. Then the fireman promptly fined Mortimer for a false alarm.

Several Sim hours of worry later they were returned, tired and thought balloons full of aliens. The next morning (Sim time) the sisters talked about spaceships in great length. Everything seemed okay, but later that night, the mother Bella, not yet fully recovered from her ordeal, reached out her hand to replace a light bulb, and was electrocuted in horrific fashion. When the grim reaper showed up, I promptly quit the game. Just Quit. No Save.

Who knew a video game could be so stressful?

Friday, June 20, 2003


A family from Los Angeles, California chooses to pack up and move to the South Pacific for one year, chronicling their move online at The Island Chronicles.

Lots of cool info. on the islands, with pictures!

I'm really liking this blogging thing ... ;-)
Bon Golem

Just stumbled upon this great little site called Bon Golem. I'll have to explore more later but wanted to quickly share my find. (Yes, I know. I should be working.)

"Sooner is easier."

or "...'Carpe diem' and all that yotz..."
Farscape Companion Season 4 Foreword by Ben Browder

I'm not a fanatic. I'm an afiacianado. (hehehe)

Cabbages and Kings

I've always liked that phrase ... "Of cabbages and kings." I think it's a nice opening for my very first post.

That phrase, by the way, is from the Lewis Carroll poem "The Walrus and the Carpenter."

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes - and ships - and sealing wax -
Of cabbages - and kings -
And why the sea is boiling hot -
And whether pigs have wings."

That pretty much sums up this blog, I guess. I am the Walrus ... or so to speak. I'll be sharing all the silly little things I like to talk about, and I hope you'll enjoy reading them! :-)

And yes, I am an Alice fan. Why do you think I chose The TumTum Tree as the name of my site? (hee hee)