Thursday, June 26, 2003

Don't believe the rumors

Oh, and I was told yesterday that there's a "rumor" going around that a fifth season of Farscape was being filmed right now, but it wasn't going to be shown in the US. I, of course, corrected the person and said basically, "No, Ben's in LA, and Gigi's on The Secret Life of Us, etc., so no, that rumor is not correct."

When I asked this person where he heard or read the rumor (I tend to hear/read most of them that circulate on the net), he replied that his friend, who watches Farcape told him. He then informed me of the contract for a fifth season (which I told him was correct) and that such a contract supercedes everything else, including a cancellation, per his friend.

I sighed, restraining myself from giving him a history lesson of the 2 yr. contract deal in 2001 and the cancellation in 2002 (for the Sci Fi Channel's explanation click here) - because he was at work, and just replied that no, that's incorrect and that he hadn't checked out Save Farscape yet, had he? He didn't answer me on that one. Time for a little re-education? ... sigh ...

And on an unrelated note ... gah! it's hot outside! ...

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