Friday, January 21, 2011

Testing Myself on a Cold, Wintery Day

It's cold and snowy outside, a typical New England winter day. I'm at work. Currently taking a break.

Feeling tired and low today (still can't figure out the mystery person, and I can't stop kicking myself for it) so I thought I'd take some of those online personality tests. I haven't taken them in awhile. For fun, of course.

ISTJ - "Trustee". Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time- honored institutions. Dependable. 11.6% of total population.
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Decisive, am I? Hm ..


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Yeah, I'd say I was definitely a type 5 personality today.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still Obsessing

Over the past few days, I've had to refer to my 100 things that make me happy (the list so far) several times. Just to remind myself.

Tuesday of last week, there were three very random moments. The first two aren't important to this post. It's the third one that's left me obsessing. The third moment involved a gentleman I did not recognize coming into the office, just as I returned from my coffee run and errands. I figured he was a patient or maybe he had followed me in off the street and wanted to make an appointment. I'd started to make a phone call and had to hang up when I heard the door open, and then there he was, wearing a dark colored Marines cap. (The cap said "Marines" on it. I don't know if it really was a Marines cap or not.) And then he opened his mouth. Instead of what I expected him to say, he said something totally unexpected and seemingly random. My brain was still trying to process and was thinking "Who are you and how do I know you?" but my mouth said something else. Before my brain could finish figuring it out, he said something, shrugged then left.

I was left thinking "What was that all about?"

Of course, when I told T. about this later, she suggested that it's possible I *did* know the person. Maybe he was someone I see only occasionally. Maybe he was at the coffee place I just came from, and I hadn't noticed. Maybe I didn't recognize him because he was out of context -- in a location I don't usually see him in. And so I didn't recognize him. Then she pointed out I tend to do this sometimes and used two neighbors as an example. One neighbor I'd seen around for months, even saying "hi" to, without realizing he was my neighbor. Another neighbor I say "hi" to walked past me one day, and I didn't recognize him until he walked up to his house .. and then it clicked. Context.

It's worse when I'm distracted, and yes, I was distracted when I returned to work Tuesday. I was still thinking about the previous two random things, and then another seemingly random moment was thrown into the loop.

So anyway .. T. put the idea in my head, and I've been obsessing about it. I haven't seen anyone wearing the same cap so maybe I'm right, and it was a random moment from a random person. But maybe, just maybe, it wasn't, and that thought is making me crazy!! and sad. I certainly don't want to have snubbed someone I know. I certainly would have reacted differently. What's worse is .. I'm afraid it could have been this guy I actually like. Highly unlikely since I've been told by someone else that he's just friendly, and I should stop reading into his friendliness, but still .. geez. If it was, I'm an idiot and will feel like such a jerk the next time I see him. Ditto if he was someone I know, period. But it's worse if it's this guy because I have a feeling he'll think I'm ditzy or just plain insane or something. *sigh*

If I see someone I know wearing that cap or something similar, I'll have to ask if he stopped by my work, and if so, not only explain but also apologize profusely. Hopefully, if he was someone I know, he'll laugh it off. So embarrassing!

I still haven't a clue who it could have been though.

My only consolation is realizing that facial recognition blackouts happen to a lot of people now and then. A coworker explained how she blanked out on a cousin she knew when she met the cousin on the street (where she wasn't in the habit of seeing him), and it wasn't until a good 5 minutes or more of small talk had gone by that she realized who he was. That and he mentioned some relatives of theirs. ;-) A friend told me that his mother had snuck up on him in the town center, and he had no idea whom she was, even though he was looking right at her, for several moments. In fact, this was a common occurrence for my mom where she used to work. T. and I sometimes visited her after school, and she wouldn't know who we were for several minutes because she wasn't expecting us to be there.

There is some comfort knowing I'm not alone, but it's a small comfort.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

#65. Identify 100 things that make me happy. (1-27)

I decided to review my 101 in 1001 days list this morning and tackle item #65. Identify 100 things that make me happy. This is a partial list at the moment because I don't want to just type as many things as possible without giving it much thought. I really want it to be a list of "100 things that make me happy" that I can refer to when I need a little reminder. ;)

1. My neice
2. Chocolate
3. Writing
4. Books
5. Stories/Storyelling
6. Walking
7. Watching movies
8. Making/creating things
9. Miniatures
10. The ocean
11. Listening to music (live music, on the radio, on my iPod, etc.)
12. My family
13. Sunshine
14. Making lists
15. Exploring new places, especially on foot
16. Taking a cruise
17. Small children playing, laughing, running
18. Eating ice cream, especially mint chocolate chip, with jimmies on a cone
19. Looking at old family photos and family albums
20. Learning new things
21. Daydreaming
22. Tap dance, Irish step, Flamenco, .. I love hearing the tap-tap-tap sounds when the person is dancing
23. Fruity scents .. strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, apples, etc.
24. Having time to myself
25. Ferry rides, boat tours, etc. - This one is closely related to #10 and #16, but deserves its own number, I think
26. Eating out, especially for breakfast, brunch or lunch
27. Grazing. I'd rather "graze" throughout the day, eating several "mini-meals" and snacking than have to endure the traditional three (large) meals a day all the time. Buffets, dim sum, tapas, etc., make me happy because I can have a little of this and a little of that instead of large portions of things I really only want a bite of. Grazing and snacking make me happy.

That's it for now. I'll revisit this list now and then and add to it. The results I'll share as the list progresses.

So tell me, what makes you happy?