Tuesday, September 30, 2003

A Cool September Afternoon

On this beautiful fall day, I thought I'd share some more links to online gems.

*** Courtesy of Micky:
Kill Bill

*** The following are from the forums at Project SciFi:

Muffin Films

Optical Illusion

*** and the rest are from general surfing:

Bombay Life

Johnny Depp Zone

another Johnny Depp fan site simply called Depp!

The International Buster Keaton Society


a little site on the mythological Unicorn

Arthurian Legend:

In keeping with the mythology theme (a train of thought begun with the Unicorn link above), there is the Journal of Arthurian Studies. Ever wonder where Tintagel was? or any of the other locations mentioned in the tales of King Arthur? If so, check out Arthurian sites in England. A wealth of information is to be had at this King Arthur site. Read "Lancelot, or The Knight of the Cart" by Chretian Troyes.

*** A little insight into my fascination with the name Tegan:

Concerning the name Tegan

Teagu Eurfron

Celtic female names of Wales

The Poetry of the Celtic Races (you can find the reference to Tegan right before footnote #1)

King Caradog Freichfras

And although Sarah Jane was always my favorite, I first heard the name Tegan on the BBC TV series Dr. Who (which by the way is returning in 2005 if you haven't already heard the news!).

*** Finally, some words on the Labyrinth and on the history of Mazes, and a collection of links to other sources of information on the Labyrinth.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

INTP - "Architect". Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 1% of the total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

I procured this test from Whitelight's LJ.

Friday, September 19, 2003

I could be playing my Sims

The following link was snurched from Eve11's post on her LJ.

Talk Like A Pirate

New writing challenges are up at Farscape Friday!

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Read all about it!

Ancestor of the modern guinea pig was a giant! Read all about it here.

Giant squids are dying off the Spanish coast. Click here for more on the story.

Ever wanted to stay at a haunted hotel? Go here for the Top 10 according to Citysearch editors.

No word yet from Micky (aka Flash Guru) if she has decided to visit with the Dalai Lama or attend the Scallop Festival (assuming it's not cancelled due to the hurricane).

Get your JAG vids here, courtesy of the multi-talented kerlin!

Please be sure to stop by the new Boston Scapers forums and say "hello." The direct link is here. :D

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Happy Norwood Day!

a day late ... yesterday was Norwood Day, a day to celebrate all things Norwood. The main street in the town’s center was blocked off since early in the morning. The day started with a road race, followed by a parade which included the high school sports teams, and continued with a street festival atmosphere. Local dance schools showcased their students at one end (Guild Square) while musicians played at the bandstand in the Common. Who knew Norwood had a Hula Dance school? ... There were over 150 tables featuring Norwood organizations, local restaurants, etc. On the common was a series of tables with free samplings from loccal restaurants for anyone wearing a Norwood Day button (and who was willing to wait in line). There were pony rides, a petting zoo, a mini carousel, rock climbing for kids. There was a mini farmer’s market with fresh fruits, vegetable, and honey from local farms. Town trucks were open for children to explore. The Fiddlehead Theater group had a table as well. Norwood Trolleys took you around town to tour the new Police & Fire stations, the airport, and the high school. Day House was offering tours. Local artists displayed their works.

Signs around the Common showed scenes of Norwood’s past and brought back memories ... Brigham’s, Garner’s Pharmacy, ... a map of Norwood when it was still South Dedham. Irish immigrants (and immigrants from other countries) played a part in Norwood’s beginnings (as every resident knows). In fact, according to one of the signs, Gaelic was still spoken in most of Norwood’s pubs into the mid-20th century!

You could also buy “deeds” to land at Norwood High where Juliet the Cow was to do her deed. If she dropped a, um, present on your deed, you won $2500. If your square was next to a winning square, you won $200.

The day ended with a Norwood Day Dance over at Concannon’s Village where the townies gathered, ate, drank and danced the night away.

Today was one of my grandmothers' birthdays, so I spent the early part of the afternoon visiting with her. Now, I'm going to watch Spirited Away before I buckle down and write out my thoughts on the hotels.
Hotel Duty

Day Off #2 on Friday: I overslept. Good thing the field trip to hotels was for later in the day. *g*

Before hotel duty my younger sis stopped by. As I was talking to her at her car, we were “cat-called” (I think that’s the term) by a passing car full of young men. It’s was very funny actually, especially considering how pregnant my younger sis is. Perhaps they hadn’t noticed her big belly strategically hidden behind the car? *vbg*

Friday I spent visiting two hotels that we’re considering for the location of the June fan convention. The visits were productive but did not help me come to a decision. In fact it made it more difficult for me. Neither hotel was what I was expecting. I’ll have to make a list of pros and cons and impressions of each hotel and post to the group. I actually considered approaching a third hotel in town just for another point of view. As my mother says, it has nice bathrooms. *g*

The bar at the Radisson Boston is small and service is sparse, but once you get the service, it’s friendly. The food is good. The price is right. Oh, and I received a compliment (I think it was a compliment) on the color of my eyes.

Oh, and Dark Shadows is getting good. My other sis has a tough choice for next weekend -- visit with the Dalai Llama in NY or attend the Scallop Festival on the Cape. Decisions, decisions, ...

Attack of the Seagulls

Day Off #1 on Thursday: Two of my sisters, my mom, & I spent the majority of our day at Old Silver Beach in Falmouth. The beach is beautiful, the sand soft. There are little silver fish swimming about, crabs, snails, and other marine life. And there are seagulls. Oh, how my mother loves those seagulls.

The seagulls were fed ample amounts of grapes until T. caught on to what my mother was doing. T. has no love for the seagull, and so she was not pleased. When we left her unattended to explore another section of the beach, she suffered a seagull attack! Yes, the seagulls chose to search for food on their own, and unprotected, our bags were the targets. First the plastic bag with the water bottle was attacked, then dragged away for a short distance before my sister managed to seperate the seagull from the bag. Once she relaxed again on the blanket the seagulls returned and another attack was perpetrated on the bags. This time the brown paper bag full of blankets and things was the focus of two crafty seagulls. They tried dragging it away and wouldn’t give up even when T. tried to shoo them. Unfortunately, we missed the whole scene. When I returned to where she was, I found her stretched out on the blanket eyeing a seagull who was eyeing her right back.

All in all it was a fun day. *g*

When we arrived home, I slept and slept ... that’s what happens when I spend all day in the sun.

Monday, September 08, 2003

The Wolves in the Walls

Yesterday Micky and I found a fantastic children's book by Neil Gaiman with illustrations by Dave McKean called The Wolves in the Walls

You can purchase it at your local bookstore or visit the Official Neil Gaiman Online Store.

The links above and here are fansites for Dave McKean. The links for Neil Gaiman are the "official" links.


Saturday, September 06, 2003

Where did the week go? *bg*

Some odds and ends for you to enjoy:


Desiderata (thanks micky for sharing this one with me!)

Kindomality Quiz
my results: Your distinct personality, The Dreamer-Minstrel might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You can always see the "Silver Lining" to every dark and dreary cloud. Look at the bright side is your motto and understanding why everything happens for the best is your goal. You are the positive optimist of the world who provides the hope for all humankind. There is nothing so terrible that you can not find some good within it. On the positive side, you are spontaneous, charismatic, idealistic and empathic. On the negative side, you may be a sentimental dreamer who is emotionally impractical. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

tribute site to the original 1963 film The Haunting ... ooh, what a good, spooky movie! *shivers*

or visit the AFI's tribute to director Robert Wise

in keeping with that theme, consider a visit to The American Ghost Society

and the Haunted Places Index -- search for haunted places by state! ... who knew that my little town had a haunted hotel? ... hee!

and my vid is up at Boston Scapers!

Friday, September 05, 2003

The Latchis

Upon recommendation by a very nice person (whom I'll call P.H. to protect his anonimity) I just finished reading an article "The Latchis Lives On" in Vermont Life. The Latchis Hotel and Theater is in Brattleboro, Vermont, just off Rte. 91 & less than a five minute walk from the Amtrak station (per the article). The history of the the Latchis family hotel is very interesting, and the hotel itself is amazing. The room rates are incredible!!! $55 for a single to $155 for a suite!!! (I wonder if that's a reflection of all Vermont hotels?) The hotel has a website, too. You can check it out at www.brattleboro.com/latchis. :D

I'm off to finish up at work before heading home to finish baby shower invitations. Supposedly there will be Thai food waiting for me. *g*

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Jimmies for breakfast

L: What did you have this morning for breakfast?
me: I had jimmies! (yum!)

Those cute Whiskas commercials can be found at the offical site here.

Found this little gem at msn.com: Find the work you were born to do

Farscape fan vids! Kerlin's can be found here at Boston Scapers. They are beautiful. You must go see. :) ... Also, Eric Durchholz & Chris Galehouse have created an amazing & very creative video set to the Prince song I Wish You archived here at Farscape Fantasy.

All of the above music videos are available in Windows Media.

Soon, my vid will be up on the Boston Scapers site as well -- um, that is, as soon as I get the requested information to Amanda. *g*

Lycos Mail is experiencing technical difficulties. :( *sniff* I suggest you use my yahoo! addy for the time being.

Fan fic recommendation: Fate's Gamble

Lastly, I'm still waiting for the scanner to share my pics from SC2K3. I plan on posting a report for the Boston Scapers site. Question: Should I post a report here and on my LJ? or would it be too late for that now?

p.s. whaddya say? jimmies for dinner? hehehe