Thursday, September 04, 2003

Jimmies for breakfast

L: What did you have this morning for breakfast?
me: I had jimmies! (yum!)

Those cute Whiskas commercials can be found at the offical site here.

Found this little gem at Find the work you were born to do

Farscape fan vids! Kerlin's can be found here at Boston Scapers. They are beautiful. You must go see. :) ... Also, Eric Durchholz & Chris Galehouse have created an amazing & very creative video set to the Prince song I Wish You archived here at Farscape Fantasy.

All of the above music videos are available in Windows Media.

Soon, my vid will be up on the Boston Scapers site as well -- um, that is, as soon as I get the requested information to Amanda. *g*

Lycos Mail is experiencing technical difficulties. :( *sniff* I suggest you use my yahoo! addy for the time being.

Fan fic recommendation: Fate's Gamble

Lastly, I'm still waiting for the scanner to share my pics from SC2K3. I plan on posting a report for the Boston Scapers site. Question: Should I post a report here and on my LJ? or would it be too late for that now?

p.s. whaddya say? jimmies for dinner? hehehe

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