Sunday, September 14, 2003

Hotel Duty

Day Off #2 on Friday: I overslept. Good thing the field trip to hotels was for later in the day. *g*

Before hotel duty my younger sis stopped by. As I was talking to her at her car, we were “cat-called” (I think that’s the term) by a passing car full of young men. It’s was very funny actually, especially considering how pregnant my younger sis is. Perhaps they hadn’t noticed her big belly strategically hidden behind the car? *vbg*

Friday I spent visiting two hotels that we’re considering for the location of the June fan convention. The visits were productive but did not help me come to a decision. In fact it made it more difficult for me. Neither hotel was what I was expecting. I’ll have to make a list of pros and cons and impressions of each hotel and post to the group. I actually considered approaching a third hotel in town just for another point of view. As my mother says, it has nice bathrooms. *g*

The bar at the Radisson Boston is small and service is sparse, but once you get the service, it’s friendly. The food is good. The price is right. Oh, and I received a compliment (I think it was a compliment) on the color of my eyes.

Oh, and Dark Shadows is getting good. My other sis has a tough choice for next weekend -- visit with the Dalai Llama in NY or attend the Scallop Festival on the Cape. Decisions, decisions, ...

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