Sunday, September 14, 2003

Happy Norwood Day!

a day late ... yesterday was Norwood Day, a day to celebrate all things Norwood. The main street in the town’s center was blocked off since early in the morning. The day started with a road race, followed by a parade which included the high school sports teams, and continued with a street festival atmosphere. Local dance schools showcased their students at one end (Guild Square) while musicians played at the bandstand in the Common. Who knew Norwood had a Hula Dance school? ... There were over 150 tables featuring Norwood organizations, local restaurants, etc. On the common was a series of tables with free samplings from loccal restaurants for anyone wearing a Norwood Day button (and who was willing to wait in line). There were pony rides, a petting zoo, a mini carousel, rock climbing for kids. There was a mini farmer’s market with fresh fruits, vegetable, and honey from local farms. Town trucks were open for children to explore. The Fiddlehead Theater group had a table as well. Norwood Trolleys took you around town to tour the new Police & Fire stations, the airport, and the high school. Day House was offering tours. Local artists displayed their works.

Signs around the Common showed scenes of Norwood’s past and brought back memories ... Brigham’s, Garner’s Pharmacy, ... a map of Norwood when it was still South Dedham. Irish immigrants (and immigrants from other countries) played a part in Norwood’s beginnings (as every resident knows). In fact, according to one of the signs, Gaelic was still spoken in most of Norwood’s pubs into the mid-20th century!

You could also buy “deeds” to land at Norwood High where Juliet the Cow was to do her deed. If she dropped a, um, present on your deed, you won $2500. If your square was next to a winning square, you won $200.

The day ended with a Norwood Day Dance over at Concannon’s Village where the townies gathered, ate, drank and danced the night away.

Today was one of my grandmothers' birthdays, so I spent the early part of the afternoon visiting with her. Now, I'm going to watch Spirited Away before I buckle down and write out my thoughts on the hotels.

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