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Monday, June 18, 2012

Odds and Ends

* I surpassed my Walk for Hunger fundraising goal. :D

* I've seen a few movies since the summer. Contagion, The Hunger Games, The Artist, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman. I've enjoyed them all to various degrees. Meant to do a little review on some of them, but I was lax. Maybe at some point.

* After all these years I finally made it to the Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl. Lots of delicious ice cream for a good cause! I was super excited to have gone. lol My sister estimated I probably consumed over a pound of ice cream. (oops!) But it was yummy! (heehee) One of the new (to me) flavors I tried was Mission Fig from SoCo Creamery. Quite delicious! I couldn't decide whether or not I cared for Ben & Jerry's Blueberry Graham Cracker Frozen Greek Yogurt, but it was an interesting combination, not too sweet; I'd try it again.

* I've discovered I have a higher tolerance for sugar and milk than previously thought. (see my mention of ice cream above) The only side effect I encountered was an odd dream involving googlie eyes, but those who know me well know my (usually vivid and strangely detailed) dreams tend to be full of oddities anyway. ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Walk for Hunger in Less Than Two Weeks!

In 12 days (Sunday, May 6) I'll be once again participating in Project Bread's Walk for Hunger. This will be my 21st Walk, and as you can probably guess, it's something I look forward to every year.

The money that I raise by walking the full 20-mile route supports more than 450 emergency food programs in 129 communities in Massachusetts. Every dollar counts for the children, elderly, and disabled individuals who do not have enough food to get through the week.

  • $20 provides 40 people at a soup kitchen with a bowl of hot soup and a sandwich.
  • $50 provides 100 people at an emergency food program with a bowl of hot soup & a sandwich.
  • $100 provides a week's supply of groceries for five families.
  • $500 allows a community health center to provide immediate food assistance to 25 hungry families.
  • $1000 permits a food pantry to give a week's supply of groceries to 50 families in need.
I've committed to raising $500 for Project Bread, and I hope you will be able to help me reach my goal by making a donation. Visit my Walk Page to learn more. From there, you can donate to me, or sign up to Walk! Thank you very much for your support. http://projectbread.org/goto/ctegan


Monday, January 23, 2012

My 2011 Review - The Good, The Awesome, The Bad, The Ugly

In no particular order, here are some of 2011's highlights:

* major face failure in January; one year later, and I’m still haunted by the mystery person
* I took a chance. Twice. Both times it paid off in the short run but not the long run. I don’t regret taking either chance at all. :)
* I sold a lot (for me) on etsy. :) Unfortunately I didn’t make enough new items to sell. All my crafting/creating plans seemed doomed to remain .. unfinished.
* Walk for Hunger! :)
* reconnected with old friends :)
* made a new friend :)
* met new people :)
* attended a film screening for P7D :)
* said goodbye to NHS
* went hiking on Blue Hills :)
* realized I was falling into the old oubliette/limbo/holding patterns and tried unsuccessfully to break the patterns before it was too late
* spent too much time online
* my writing suffered; it was basically nonexistent for 2011
* got my copy of P7D! :)
* gave up coffee for awhile :) but drank too much coffee for the remainder of the year
* got into a Facebook habit in February because I had a reason to play on there
* long walks in the nice weather :)
* went on an actual date (go me!) :)
* failed NaNoWriMo
* enjoyed the beautiful weather as much as possible :)
* realized early on that my crush wasn’t crushing on me after all and that he was just being nice because he’s a nice person; of course, it didn’t make the realization any easier and so I lived in hope & denial for a while; “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” (Charlie Brown)
* saw a movie at Legacy Place (holy cow! that place is big!)
* was disappointed to discover I wasn’t as high on someone’s friend list as I thought I had been and spent too much time trying to figure out if I was a friend, a sometimes friend or just an acquaintance
* was amazed to meet someone who was actually excited to spend time with me :)
* was called cute (yay!) :)
* Duck Tour! :)
* visited with family, including a visit with my Dad :)
* Found two pairs of pants that actually fit! :)
* Joined PostCrossing :)
* Got some pen pals! :)
* won a gift basket :)
* had a visit from Missy :)
* NYC! :)
* was beyond tired (exhausted!) in the beginning of the year and in the end of the year
* had lasagna (December) :)
* too many strange, random comments made to me than I can recall
* 101 in 1001 failure! but I made a new list so it’s all good
* cancer in the family .. again :(
* R.I.P. Ray LaPierre - December 23, 2011 - sad Christmas :(

I think that was pretty much it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's a Good Day for Apple Cider

Not much going on this weekend as I sip my hot apple cider. Yesterday was full of work, munchkins (not the edible variety but my niece and her friend who were visiting) and missed phone calls and texts. I fell asleep much too early for my liking last night and spent more money than I planned on during the day -- none of it on myself. I fear today, as beautiful as it is, will pass by just as quickly but not as eventfully.

To combat the face failure/crush funk I've been in on and off this year, I actually joined a dating service and met a really nice guy. It seems almost foreign to have someone be interested and act interested in me. Someone who calls me all the time, wants to do things and seems excited to spend time with me, who doesn't treat me like an after thought. Someone who doesn't ask me to do something with him and then takes off with his friends when he gets a better offer. I have enough "friends" who do that on a regular basis; I don't need any more. I just hope I don't mess this up because my comfort level is off, and I don't always want to chat on the phone. This is actually going a little faster than I'm used to. It's probably a really slow pace for normal people, but since when have I been accused of being normal? So far he hasn't perceived me as too boring or too strange. Yay!

It's just so difficult to completely let go of the crush, but somehow I have to try. If I don't, I'll never get out of this funk!

Oh, and a nice surprise! I found out I won a Red Sox gift basket yesterday! I'd purchased raffle tickets back in September and forgotten about it. Now I have to figure out how to claim it.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy World Post Day and 52 Weeks of Mail

It's October 9. Happy World Post Day! Read about it here and then write that letter you've been meaning to write all this time. If you're feeling particularly nostalgic for letter writing days and you love a challenge, consider 52 Weeks of Mail, an idea started by one of the Etsy Teams, in honor of World Post Day. The idea is to commit to sending one postcard, letter, note or other card once a week for a year. It's a very cool idea, I think, and also a wonderful way not only to support the Post Office but brighten up someone's day. How many of us are secretly (or not so secretly *points to self*) thrilled when we receive something in the mail other than a bill? If you're on facebook, you can visit the page: www.facebook.com/52weeksofmail. The Challenge starts today. Grab your favorite pen and get writing!

Botanical PaperWorks is offering to mail a free, plantable card, at least one a week for the next 52 weeks, to randomly picked people. If you'd like to enter for your chance at being one of those lucky people picked at random, visit their blog for the details.

*cross-posted from LJ

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering the Day

Had a lovely day in the beautiful weather today. Spent time with my mom, sis and niece. Turns out I did something similar last year.

From Facebook, "On the Day in 2010 .. Took a little walk around the block with three little pumpkins and their brand new babies. It was a fun adventure. :) The new babies are all girls and have been named Katelyn, Katie and Patrick. Trust me. "Patrick" is a much better choice than the little mommy's first name choice for her baby doll .. "Heatstroke." :)"

The mommies in question were my niece and two of her friends with their brand new baby dolls I had just bought them at the dollar store down the street. I met a neighbor of mine for the first time that day, too, while on the walk. The "mommies" surrounded him and his baby carriage, cooing at his baby and showing off theirs before taking off again down the street. This year there was only my niece over, and there was a more subdued feel to the day.

This morning my sis and niece watched some of the 9/11 ceremony on tv. At my house we talked about what we remembered of that day, how we found out about the planesand what we were thinking. We talked a bit about the sad things and more about the good things that came about .. people helping people, everyday heroes, survival stories, .. We wondered aloud if the teachers would discuss the day in class tomorrow, and my niece announced that when she got to school tomorrow, she would ask her teacher if they could write letters to the hero firemen in NYC thanking them for helping people. We told her we thought it was a good idea, and my sis mentioned that maybe, if her teacher liked the idea, that the class could also write to their local firemen and policemen thanking them for all they do for us every day. Then we explained a lot of people came from all over to help; maybe some of her local firemen did, too.

I wasn't online much back in 2001, except on the old SciFi (now SyFy) boards (the "Dom"), so I have no online reference anymore for that day. The old posts from the Dom are long gone now. I do have my memories, however, and it's strange how much I can remember about that whole weekend in addition to that day. and the days that follow. There are other events that are eternally tied together with that day in my mind now. My great aunt died that weekend, and now I'll always remember the date. I was just entering the online Farscape fandom and had been at creation's NY convention (the second convention I'd ever attended; the first was an XF con in Mass.); Ben and Claudia had been there, and I'd met a few Scapers, too. Tuesday morning before I left for work, I checked the Dom and read posts about the con. I even posted one myself saying I had a good time and thanking the people I'd met while I was there. Just a few posts later, the topics changed from the excited post-convention euphoria to the confusing, unfolding events of the day. I didn't read them until I'd gotten home from work later, but there were posts from all over the world, people gathering together offering support. There was one post asking the con goers to sign in; some NY Scapers offered up their homes to those who were stranded in the city. And so Farscape, Scapers and the online communities are all forever entwined with my memories of September 11, 2001.

I've been checking through my blog and LJ posts each year on this date and found only one which contemplated the events of September 11. More of a recollection than reflection: 9/11/2009

I find myself amazed that it's been ten years already, that so much time has passed. The uncertainty of the weeks that followed 9/11 has thankfully passed; at the time one could feel the uneasiness in the air, so strange. I hope that sense of togetherness, the spirit of working together, remains. Yes, there was shock, fear, anger on that day and the days that followed, but there was also something else, this wonderful feeling of unity and selflessness. I'd like to think some of that is still here, when the going gets tough, our citizens will do the right thing, lending a hand to those most in need. Never forget the lives lost and the families who remained, the survivors, the heroes, the sacrifices made, but also never forget that other feeling that surrounded us. The kindness and concern we extended to each other after; that's also what I'm also remembering today.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's 101: Take Three!

My last list is now a collection of failed goals. As time went along, I didn't spent much effort working on the list, but that's okay. If I was going to fail, I'm glad I failed gloriously.**

I've typed up my new list and have posted it here if you'd like to check it out. In choosing my goals this time I decided to mix it up a bit. There's a combination of "easier" one time goals (for example, #45) and longer, more complicated goals (for example, #100) throughout. Some goals are deceptively simple (like goal #27) but aren't as simple as they first appear (I haven't been to the movies since Mama Mia so there's no guarantee I'll accomplish #27 without some effort). I tried to make each goal realistic, and some are more challenging than others, but all should be fun to do in some way. I'm very excited by this new list. :)

Hopefully, I'll get myself in the habit of posting updates on my progress (success or failure).

new list
previous list
first list

Do you have your own list? What goals have you set for yourself? Do you have an opinion, some advice, or a question about something on my list? Feel free to share in the comments!

**Ben Browder (here and here)

**cross-posted to LJ


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