Sunday, April 19, 2009

All the Things I've Yet to Post About

A month has past, and still I haven't posted what I meant to. I'd gone to NY the weekend of March 23 for filming of Passengers of 7D. I meant to post about that, both here and at Beanywood. I will post about it .. at some point.

I've also created a Second Life account and ventured in there a few times after reading about Michelle's adventures at Juiced on Writing. I haven't been there much, but I definitely want to post about what's happened so far. I also have some pictures, including one of me as a glowing blob. I spent the first two or three days in SL as a glowing blob. And then for awhile, after I was finally able to see myself, I discovered I was wearing a box. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of me wearing the box. ;)

Some day soon I'll post about that as well.

Currently I'm watching "A Little Princess," making bookmarks and wondering about getting a table for the yard sale & bake sale at the Day House. I'm also reading up on affiliates and trying to motivate myself to get back to editing my nanonovel. I'm still following the Think Sideways course, and I see so many things I need to rewrite. I have all the edit notes taken, but I want to follow the course in order and realized I skipped some things which require me to go back, do all the excercises. Every time I read through the lessons, I feel hopeful and excited. :)

And, of course, I'm almost at my goal for The Walk for Hunger on May 3 and must start fundraising for AIDS Walk Boston on June 7. :)