Monday, June 23, 2003

UFOs Sims Style

Even though this post has to do with Saturday, I feel it's important to share, especially if anyone reading this plays The Sims on Playstation 2.

Okay, my PS2 strategy guide for The Sims did not mention anything about alien abductions. Sure, the dad in the screen capture is talking with his kid about aliens. "Music and space aliens make for positive interactions between this father and son," the book says. I figured they were talking about alien movies or tv shows, but actual ALIENS??

Word of advice ... Do not let your Sim child or any of your Sims, for that matter, gaze through the telescope for too long at night. Yes, I know that it boosts their fun points and is an easy way to get the kids to study, but an alien abduction is a traumatic event both for the Sims and for you.

Don't expect the Simville police or fire department to be of any help either. While the parents sobbed over their missing daughter, the police woman scolded them. So, I directed Bella to look through the telescope, hoping somehow it would bring the little girl back. Not a good idea. Soon she was gone as well, leaving both her husband and the fireman to cry over her disappearance. Then the fireman promptly fined Mortimer for a false alarm.

Several Sim hours of worry later they were returned, tired and thought balloons full of aliens. The next morning (Sim time) the sisters talked about spaceships in great length. Everything seemed okay, but later that night, the mother Bella, not yet fully recovered from her ordeal, reached out her hand to replace a light bulb, and was electrocuted in horrific fashion. When the grim reaper showed up, I promptly quit the game. Just Quit. No Save.

Who knew a video game could be so stressful?

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