Tuesday, March 15, 2005

MediterrAsian Cooking

MediterrAsian.com takes the best of Mediterranean and Asian diets and offering healthy, tasty meal options. I could definitely subscribe to this. Add some chocolates for dessert, and I am a happy person. :P

In honor of my cousin N. studying abroad in Greece, I took a look at their breakdown of the Greek diet. N., does this sound about right? *g* Actually, I was told by her that she & some new friends (six) had gone out to indulge one night: cheese sticks, fried zucchini with white sauce topping, lamb chops, two orders of calamari, feta with oil, bread, salad, cheese melt (four types of cheese w/ a tomato), and two liters of wine (though she says "it was the really cheap wine though"), and 3 liters of water. That's what she could remember. The total cost (for the six people) came to 60euro (N. kindly noted that 1euro=$1.30), plus they got live Greek music. Though I could've skipped the lamb and calamari, the rest would have been promptly devoured by me. It just sounds soooo good! :D

Anyway, I thought I'd share the site for those who might be interested.

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