Monday, April 12, 2004

Escapade Boston 2004

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hang out with all your Farscape friends in a cool city, chatting about the show and generally having a blast?

Well, Escapade Boston is the answer. Picking up where the Scapercon conventions left off, Escapade is a for-fans by-fans Farscape convention taking place in the great city of Boston ( this summer - June 24 - 27 to be precise.

What kinds of things have we got planned, exactly? Well, check out the programming schedule (, for starters. We'll also be hosting a ScaperOpera performance - some of you will remember this from Scapercon, and it is not to be missed! The banquet on Saturday night will be followed by a Scaper trip to see a live performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We'll be running a Farscape trivia contest throughout the weekend, hosting a charity auction Sunday morning, screening music videos, and we've just teamed up with New England Comics to be an exclusive vendor during a Saturday afternoon swap meet. Friday afternoon will feature a catered welcome luncheon, and Friday night we'll be either heading out to a Red Sox game or to see the award-winning performance Stomp!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We're going to announce something new every single week until June. And trust us - it only gets better from here.

If you pre-register ( your weekend pass (and the importance of pre-registering cannot be overstated!) before April 15, you'll be entered in a raffle to win a free three-day pass. What better incentive to make your plans early?

With the announcement of the miniseries, Farscape has nowhere to go but up - help make this convention the amazing experience it could be!

For more details, please visit our website ( or sign up for our mailing list (

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