Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday Reflections

Last night there was a helicopter literally hovering over my street, low, in front of my house. It was bizarre to see. The neighbors came out, and we all stared up into the sky at this behemoth, nearly invisible to the eye (but not the ears!) except for a single flashing light and some color on the copter. I attempted to take a picture, lighting up the whole neighborhood with my flash, but the likelihood of it registering on film is slim since it was so dark out. I had thought they were looking for someone .. or something, though the single light was not a search light in the traditional sense (ie, it wasn't very bright). My sister surmised that they were waiting for clearance to land at the airport (but the location chosen to hover doesn't make sense). Then we joked that it was searching for an E.T. life form somewhere on the ground. In any case, it brought some excitement into my night. ;-)

While conversing on Friendster with J., I started thinking again about old friends whom I've lost track of. As a result, I ended up registering at Ryze and joining some film "networks" (message boards/groups with indie filmmaking interests) with the hope that I can glean some information on fundraising and research methods for S.G. I also extended the invite to S., though there wasn't really much info. in the message boards that I didn't already know. Still, it's always good to network.

I was very excited the other night when I discovered that two people had tagged my photoblog as a favorite on I checked again this morning, and now there's only one person who considers mine a favorite. It's a bit disappointing but okay at the same time. I'd figured that it must've been a mistake anyway since there are several photoblogs with the same name as mine.

There's an interesting article online regarding Ulf Erlingsson's theory that Ireland was actually Atlantis explained in his book "Atlantis From a Geographer's Perspective: Mapping the Fairy Land" due out in September. He mentions Dogger Bank as a location, and although I couldn't find much on the bank itself (beyond diving info.), I did find this post referring to an article that no longer exists online.

This article led me to search out other articles on msn, of course. I was pleased to find out that, although we are destroying the marine life, there are new species out there that are just being discovered. To learn more about that particular expedition and to see photos, visit

And while you're at it, check out the list of program participants scheduled for World Con. Want to help out at the Boston Scapers table? or Have an idea for that table? *Please* contact me. Pretty please? Thanks!

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