Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Writing and Film and .. *sigh*

I've written more in the past week than I have all summer, and it's a wonderful feeling. Research and other preperation work for NaNoWriMo (I want to finish it this year!) along with exploration of film ideas have inspired me to take pen to paper again. *sigh*

When I haven't written in awhile, I forget how much I've missed it. Jotting down a few lines and ideas, trying to connect thoughts and themes, playing around with dialogue snippets to get a better sense of a particular characters, it's all flowing out of me right now, and it feels *so* good! I really wish I was home to work in my notebooks and not here at the computer at work. :)

An added motivational spark was the email I received from Solonia over the weekend. The wheels are currently in motion for P7D, and somehow that knowledge has energized me. I've been in a better mood this week than I have (consistently anyway) in quite some time. I'll have to ask S. about pointing people to the film site; I'm not sure if she wants that done yet or not. ;)

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