Monday, February 07, 2011

C'est la vie

I've eliminated one possible person from the Mystery Person candidates. Well, he eliminated himself really by not being ticked off at me. Yay! I am relieved but still perplexed. I also shared the story today with two other people who were basically surprised that my response had been impolite. (unintentionally so! my brain had ceased functioning for awhile!) We discussed putting up posters of a faceless person and a hat with the caption reading "help us put a face on this .. face" or something like that. It's funny in a really sad way. I can't even apologize or explain! If I see the person again, I will have no idea that I'm looking at him. Unless he is wearing the hat. Welcome to my life!

Oh, and I found out today that I won't be going to The Slackers on the 18th after all. L. is leaving for Connecticut on the 18th and not the 19th. Good thing I haven't bought the tickets yet!

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