Thursday, August 21, 2003

Buried under Paperwork

Here I am, buried under a pile of paperwork which has no end! *sigh* To relieve the stress of it all I'm taking a break.

Over at the Dominion I see a post which gives a link for an NZ interview with Anthony Simcoe! (streaming video) Break is good. =)

Plans for the New England area Scaper convention in Boston are snowballing. Just hope I can keep up. *g*

This weekend I plan to watch the DVD my Dad sent us for the movie So Close. It's supposed to be the Hong Kong version of Charlie's Angels but with less camp. ;)

Also, new movie coming out soon with Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, and Johnny Depp called Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Release date is 9/12/03. Looks good.

Lastly, I found some recipes for Malasada!!! Perhaps there will be a test of the recipes this weekend? and I can munch on the results? heh heh ..

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