Friday, October 17, 2003

Welcome to the World, Ella Marie!

Big hugs to my little niece, Ella Marie, born on Wednesday, October 15th! Hugs to my sis, the new mom, and her hubby, the new daddy! *vbg*

I'm an auntie! yay!


In other news, I'm fighting a head cold, so let's hope I can visit again with my niece this weekend!

Also, Saturday is another Viewing Party. Hopefully, I make it there! ;)

Finally, I wanted to post re: this year's Con Books for the Farscape cast (to be presented at Burbank). A list of who's doing which book(s) can be found at various bboards and over at Kansas. Please note the deadlines as all of this is coming together rather late this year. For an example of what's been done in the past, please visit BritAngie's site where she has posted some covers and pages for Ben, Claudia, and Gigi's books courtesy of "a mad group of Brits" (Angie's quote, not mine! *g*).

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