Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays not only because it occurs during Autumn, one of the prettiest seasons in my area, but also because it's the one enchanted time of the year when little kids can get all dressed up, walk around at night and collect candy. Oh, sure, there are other holidays where small children dress up; some do it every day while playing games of make-believe. None of these costume celebrations really happen though when the sun goes down, that mysterious time of the day when children are told to come inside and go to bed. Ghosts and goblins and fairy princesses parade through the neighborhood and knock on doors they'd never be allowed to visit when the sun is shining. Spooky stories and movies are not just scary but fun on Halloween. Eating candy is acceptable, and the stash lasts a week or more, even after you've brought most of it into school to share with others. It's magical for many kids. It was for me; it still is sometimes (especially when I see a small child excited to be out trick-or-treating). So, in keeping with today's theme, here are some ghoulish links for you! mwahahahaha ...

Halloween Customs

More on Halloween's history

Halloween Central (featuring links to Halloween-related sites)

Farscape characters pumpkins

Haunted America

Ben&Jerry's Halloween page

Aristotle's Halloween on the Web a searchable guide to haunted places

Martha Stewart's Halloween suggestions

and lists on the net of some of the best films to watch on Halloween ... Thirteen Scary Movies by,'s list, Movies that Go Bump in the Night ... Can you think of any others? *eg*


Off-topic: I've decided to stop stressing myself over getting my Hong Kong Phooey video on tape for the Farscape Music Video Contest from Creation Entertainment because I'm not going to make the deadline no matter. Plus, the chances of my little vid being chosen is slim to none since I've seen some of the competition! They are good! Ah, well, life goes on ... =)

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