Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Halloween Night

The final count of Trick-or-Treaters was around 20 ... or 23 if you count the return visitors. *g*

Besides candy from our house, I was also handing out a second round of candies from the neighbors (well, my uncle’s acutally) ‘cause no one was home. *g*

The initial two groups were followed by a scary witch (hee hee), a cowgirl “riding” her inflatable pool-float horse (*g*), a group of seven (assorted witches, pirates, a flower *bg*), Harry Potter & two Scary Movie guys (“no, no, we weren’t here before,” they insist). They were adorable! and polite! =)

Then there was the final group of five little girls dressed as witches or whatever who seemed to be overly excited by the sugar (note to girls: you’re supposed to wait ‘til you get home before sampling the candy!). The most obnoxious of them proclaimed, “Don’t you love me?” then quickly added, “Can we take two pieces?” as she snatched a handful of candy. “Everyone says Yes, ‘cause we’re such good kids.”
Another one asked, “Are they home next door?” (keep in mind that I just told them the neighbors weren’t home) One of the youngest piped up with “Why not?” when I answered “No.” Still another spoke up and said “because they don’t want to be.”
Well, at least they said Thank You.

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