Monday, November 17, 2003

What a Weekend

Well, I missed the VP at Katya's on Saturday! My niece sitting and grandma duties ran late. I heard, though, it was a fun time by all, and Sean narrowly missed major spoilage. *g*

Sunday was interesting. Ella came for a visit, and Tigger ended up licking the top of her head. It was fascinating to watch and maybe a bit nerve-wracking for my sis. lol I would give more details, but they probably aren't very worthwhile to anyone but us. *vbg* Sunday also found us watching For Me and My Gal with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. That was a first for me; I'd never seen that movie before! This put us in the mood for some Fred and Ginger fun, so we popped in Shall We Dance. It's a hilarious movie! or at least I think so. We laughed out loud at Cecil Flintridge trying to explain where he was to confused manager Jeffrey. *g* Such a great movie! and it has one of my favorite scenes, roller skating in the park during "Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to" (hee hee)! Can't say more just in case you haven't seen it! Of course, we followed that with The Philadelphia Story! Fantastic performances all around! :)

My mom showed me a dollar bill full of little "love notes" scribbled on it that she found. I'd forgotten that people sometimes write messages on their money. lol So, of course, I wrote various Farscape-related things all over mine before I went to bed. ;)

Speaking of which, FS rumors are readily becoming reality. Supposedly there's a press conference by Henson later this week. No news was leaked at the con, but plenty was hinted at. *g* Head on over to FMD, Kansas, or the Dom for con reports of all kinds. :) Sounds like the con was a success and everyone, including the guests, had a good time. :)

On another note, my grandmother went into the hospital last night, but all's well. She should be home today. ;)

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