Friday, November 21, 2003

Shelly Awards

The Shelly Awards are the first ever Farscape fan video awards! Nominations are being accepted until December 20th. After that, the voting will begin. :D

Nominations for the Sparkys (fan fiction awards) continue until January 10, 2004.

Unless you haven't been online much (or you don't read TV Guide, the Chicago Tribune, or USA Today, or you don't watch CNN HLN), you know that the rumors of a Farscape miniseries are true! You know what that means? We did it! More Farscape! Woo hoo! :D Of course, we're still waiting on the official announcement from Jim Henson Productions, and there are no further details ath this time. This is fantastic news, and in conjunction with the Corporate Sponsor Announcement on, it's generating a lot of excitement in the campaign. One of the goals (other than more Farscape) has always been to grow the viewing audience. Between the Military Project and other efforts, when the miniseries airs, there should be some noticable Neilsen ratings! :D

I *had* hoped for more mainstream press and entertainment news re: Farscape recently, but maybe it'll come with the Henson announcement at some point. (Enough with who was voted off "Survivor" and who "The Bachelor" is going to marry! I want to see some mention of John and Aeryn! D'Argo and Chiana! Moya! Rygel! ... )

There were some non-Farscape news I wanted to impart, but I've forgotten it! (let's blame it on my age starting to show)

Well, I'll leave you with the following. At you can register to play a virtual game of Trivial Pursuit against others online. At there is a wonderful Soap Talk report on an outing of Ty fans to the show during the same weekend of the Farscape Creation Convention in Burbank. I'd really love to get Ben Browder on Soap Talk (which is on SoapNet). I think Ty and Ben, onstage together, would make an interesting combo. Having met Ty, I can honestly say he is as down-to-earth, intelligent, caring and genuine as he appears. :D ... Plus, Ben guest starred on both Melrose Place and Party of Five, so there *is* a Soap connection. *g*

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