Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Escapade Luncheon and the Meet&Greets

Welcoming Luncheon

For some of you, this may be your first Farscape convention ever. For others, it will be old hat. Either way, it's always a little hard the first day to find everyone you're looking for.

The Escapade committee is trying to make that a little easier all around by planning a welcoming luncheon on Friday afternoon. We haven't yet finalized the menu, but there are rumors of an entirely chocolate selection available through the hotel.

So at noon on Friday, come to the Hospitality Suite and get some good food, welcome new Scapers and meet old, and kick the weekend off right!

Meet and Greets

CBOOL, SACC, CEO, SSS, and many, many more. There's an anagram for every
aspect of Farscape fandom that you can imagine.

Friday afternoon we'll be opening up the large panel room and scheduling out meeting times - as many as you want. If you're working with one of these groups, and you'd like to set out a time for everyone to gather, just email the programming address (programming@escapadeboston.com) and
let us know, and we'll reserve the room for you and put you on the schedule.

Any questions, as always, can be addressed to programming@escapadeboston.com

And remember, register for a three-day ticket (with or without banquet) before April 15th and be entered for a chance to win a FREE three-day pass! If you've registered already, you are automatically eligible. If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? :)

Co-Chair, Escapade Boston 2004
June 24 - 27

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