Sunday, September 19, 2004

Dreams of Mazes and Other Projects

Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
-- Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

I was on Instant Messenger the other night with a friend & we had a conversation about medieval rebellions, mazes, and Tardis-like cottages, and yes, it all tied into Farscape Viewing Parties. I couldn't tell how much of what he said was real or just for fun, but I know that the home of my dreams was discussed at great length. If I had the funds to make this dream into a reality, I would. My dream home is full of rooms upon rooms, each one with a theme, each with a specific use in mind .. the video room, the computer room, the Alice room, the medieval room, the library, etc., with winding staircases throughout the house. The walls are thick with secret passages and hidden rooms, and the yard is full of gardens (flowers, fruits, and vegetables), and mazes and labyrinth-like structures, and I realized that even my dreams are obsessed with the idea. Nesting dolls, intricate, infinite structures .. they fascinate me, intrigue me, captivate my imagination. I have no idea why. They just do. The site I’m working on, that I’m constantly revising, rewriting, redesigning (over the past several years) both on paper and in my head, is a maze itself. Mazes within mazes and riddles and secrets and hidden paths .. interactive problem solving .. It’s complicated and simple and takes up more than three notebooks of paper. I must shrink it somehow, make it like the call box in appearance .. even though there’s a Tardis inside. Someday I’ll finish it. Someday soon I hope. (If you wish, you may visit my mini maze in the meantime.)

That and my next fan music video. I have to finish the video this month. The deadline is approaching for the contest, and I really want to send it in on time to see whether or not it holds muster. I just hope I’m able to make my idea translate in a way that others will enjoy and in a way that’ll be true to what I see in my head .. or at least close to it.

One project for the weekend is complete. My answer to Photo Friday's challenge, Domestic, is now up over at my photoblog if anyone is interested.

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