Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Just Another Tuesday

“Sarah Michelle Gellar will have to do a Madonna & wear T-shirts with my name on them.” Claudia Black, SFX #76

I just like that quote. *g* Some day maybe that quote'll come true.

Ella-bean visited Sunday (with her parents in tow - Happy Birthday, Tracy!) and demonstrated her unique crawl style. We also decided we need to buy her more cat toys. :P

November is approaching rather quickly. Have you decided yet who you're going to vote for in the presidential election?
Where do you stand? Bush vs. Kerry See a breakdown of where the candidates are on the issues. Click on the candidate who shares your views on each issue and find out in the end which candidate's views more closely resembles your own.

Got an idea? If these people like it, they just might give you $25,000 to make your idea a reality. Visit Ideas Happen for more information. I wonder if I should suggest this to S. for the web series or for SG? Hm ..

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