Sunday, February 20, 2005

Dancing & Sickness & Crime .. oh my!

It's been a busy two weeks. Two Sundays back I went to a Flamenco performance in Boston with my Mom. That night I got sick. I dragged myself into work that Monday and survived. *g*

I came home early two Fridays ago to play with my little neice before my sis picked her up. The little one was getting over an ear infection and wasn't eating as much as usual. When my sis arrived, she (my sis) had a headache which required aspirin. The next day, my sis was sick (no fever but weakness, dizziness & nauseau). On Sunday she was better but weak, achey and tired. Saturday night into Sunday it was my Mom's turn, so I spent Sunday running errands for ginger ale, bread and crackers to help settle my mom's stomach. She, too, was better Monday but achey so she opted to stay home from work. I find out at the end of the day that my brother-in-law (my sis' husband) was home sick, with the same thing that my sis and Mom had, Monday. So what happens to me Monday night? Yep, you guessed it.

No fever, but boy! does this thing take a lot out of you. All of a sudden I was sooo tired .. then shortly after, sick. Something similar happened that first Sunday (though the tiredness had been accompanied by a killer headache that time & I literally couldn't move for at least a half hour that Sunday). So, Tuesday morning, I call in sick promising that I'll be there as soon as I feel better. I dragged myself into the shower around 2pm on Tuesday and hauled myself into work for two hours. The dizziness had passed so I figured it was safe.

You might be wondering why I went into work at all on Tuesday. I wouldn't have bothered if I didn't have Jury Duty on Wednesday. On the busiest day of the week, made even busier by the fact that it was the first day my boss was back from his mini vacation in Florida, I had to go into Jury Duty. I've been called once before for Jury Duty and was excused before the afternoon began so I had no reason to think this time would be any different. So I made sure all the records were ready and all the insurances had been checked for Wednesday's work day Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday morning I left my house, still tired, two hours earlier than usual to trek over to the court house. It was a busy day at court, too, it seems, and I ended up being chosen for a jury on a criminal trial. I still went into work after wards, but one of the patients had to be rescheduled because I wouldn't make it back in time for her appointment to help with contact lens fitting/training. I arrived at work around 4pm; the last patient left around 7:30pm, and I remained there until 10pm preparing the records & insurances for Thursday, and reviewing everything that had happened while I was out.

Then Thursday's court day came & went, with a bit of delay in the beginning (well, three hour delay), and I returned to work again around 4pm. I only stayed about an hour this time, you see, because my coworker was distressed that I wanted to get coffee to wake myself up. In the hour that I was there I was fixing mistakes that she brought to me and helping her with her work and answering her questions. I hadn't even gotten to preparing anything for Friday yet, including gathering up the tax info. for the bookkeeper. She reminds me that I had a lunch earlier in the day while serving on the jury, and I remind her that I am not legally obligated to come into work at all. Then she starts to yell at me, and I realize that I don't need to do that to myself, so I tell her goodbye and head home (picking up coffee along the way).

Friday was the final day, and then it was over. Exhausted (and stressed) I stopped by work, ever so briefly, to let my coworker know that it was finished, head home and experienced a brand new work day Saturday.

Oh, and I read Jo's account of her drive down to a convention in D.C. That definitely put a smile on my face. *g*

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