Sunday, September 18, 2005

Alchera Project: Astrological Signs

Although I'm not (yet) a member of the Alchera Project, I enjoy lurking on the site and thought one of this month's writing options was cool. So, I decided to give it a try. Maybe I'll even see if I can join the group, too. Anyway, without further ado ..

List/Option No. Four:
This month is going to deal with astrology. Whether you believe in it or not will be irrelevant as this is more about personalities than lions, scorpions and bulls. has a collection of "How to Spot a " articles. Each article points out the most common characteristics of each sign.

Capricorns are symbolized by the Goat, and are born between December 22 and January 19. Those born under this sign struggle with duality and with an innate need to master themselves and those around them.

* Possesses a need for control in all aspects of their lives
* Practical, serious, methodical: chooses the slow & steady path
* Hard worker
* Enjoys success
* Lust for power
* Keen sense of humor & the ability to laugh in almost any circumstance
* Enjoys material goods more than most people
* Very lucky
* Prefers museums, galleries and lectures to beaches, parties or clubs

Much of these characteristics apply to me, imo. I tend to be a bit more serious and practical than many others. I'm very willing to work slowly & quietly behind the scenes for whatever I wish to accomplish, and to patiently wait for what I want as the end result. I don't see myself lusting for power or material possessions more than others, but I definitely enjoy success and praise when it's deserved. I can't really say whether I'm especially lucky (or unlucky), but I'm definitely not a beach, party or club person.

I couldn't find any other sign's characteristics that matched me as well as my sun sign's. I did find a few characteristics here and there that applied.

Watch those who seem to have many unfinished projects in their life. A Gemini feels the need to be involved in a multitude of creative endeavors at all times, and subsequently has trouble finishing projects of any magnitude.

Seek out pack rats. Cancers form emotional bonds with everything that crosses their paths. Often unable to throw anything away, they can frequently be found hoarding such valuable treasures as a pair of gym shorts from junior high.

Notice those who have a strong relationship with their parents and immediate family. A friend who places a high value on familial bonds is likely to have been born under the sign of Cancer.

Cancers love to be within the secure boundaries of their own abode, and can often be found nestled under the covers reading a favorite novel.

Notice those who clearly preach their values and who wholeheartedly attempt to follow their own moral standards at all times. (Sagittarius)

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