Monday, September 22, 2008

Farscape Burbank Convention 2008: Con Book List

It's that time again .. Con Books for the Farscape Convention in Burbank!

Just in case you're interested, but haven't visited the link yet, the list is here at Terra Firma Scapers. And just in case you want to see the list without clicking on it, then read on. ; )

The List
To help you read the list .. Actor, Person who's doing the con book, Deadline, Email address, Any instructions

- Claudia Black Camerascaper (deadline Oct 25th)

- Ben Browder Selena (deadline Oct 17th)

Ben's Con book theme - Send in your favorite recipe - if you're from the south all the better ... make it your favorite southern recipe. You could finish off the submission by adding your avatar or your wonderful signature. Most folks know Ben is from the south - born in Memphis and grew up in the Carolinas. I also heard that when Ben first went to Canada for SG-1 he lived on nothing but cottage chesse. So if you have a great cottage cheese recipe you could send that. If you don't cook and can't think of anything to write - make an email postcard (1 sided only) from your area with a local flavor and then just say "This is (insert your name or on-line name) sending a big hello from ..." (wherever you live.) Nothing witty or clever required.
Someone suggested a leather theme so that leaves a lot to the imagination ... perhaps a leather clad Crichton postcard with a cottage cheese recipe

- Francesca Buller PkGrl (deadline: November5th) subject: Fran's Con book

- David Franklin Camerascaper's hubby (deadline Oct 25th) subject: David's Con book

- Kent McCord bandrui (deadline not listed!) Subject: Kent's book submissions limited to 8 X 10 size

- Virginia Hey Camerascaper (deadline Oct 25th) Subject: Viginia's Con book

- Raelee Hill ScorpSik (deadline Oct 5th) Subject: Raelee's Con book

Raelee's Con book Limit size of submission to 4 3/4" X 7 1/2" (the book is small).
Theme: - Creativity! ... be it art, wallpapers, poems, limericks, haiku, jokes, podcasting, nametags, avatars, beading, knitting, crochet, embroidery or cross-stitch... if you've created something - it does not have to be a Sikozu creation - just show off your skill. Tell Raelee what you like to create and include a photo/picture if possible. Has Farscape inspired your creativity?

- Anthony Simcoe AmméLeep (deadline Oct 1)

Theme:- D'Argo LIVES!!!

Here are the 'rules'

- Nothing profane or lewd - if you wouldn't say it or show it to your Mother then don't say it or send it to the cast
- If you are going to include photos with other people in them please make sure you have everyone in the photo's permission to do that
- Limit the size to no more than an 8" X 11" page - unless the individual Con book maker specifies otherwise
- No stories, fan fiction, scripts or anything that could be considered an item for publication - the cast are NOT ALLOWED under their contracts to receive such submissions
- Poems, limericks, haikus and personal salutations are okay as are notes wishing the cast all the best in their current and future work
- You can submit almost anything that is meaningful to the cast member and you
- Cast members who have appeared in other shows can have references to those shows, too, but primarily we are here for Farscape
- Try to submit in recognized formats that most of us have on our computers such as MS Word/Works or Word Perfect. Avoid software that is not widely available as not everyone has access to specialty programs.
- The people compiling the individual Con books reserve the right to reject or edit any submission they feel could be offensive, inappropriate or just too long for inclusion

Any questions? Email the appropriate person doing the particular con book. :)

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