Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Prepping for NaNoWriMo & Jumping Slightly Ahead of Myself

I've put my current writing aside while I prep for NaNoWriMo. Part of that preparation is Holly Lisle's Think Sideways course. I'm using one of the ideas generated during the coursework as this year's nanonovel. The techniques and lessons learned so far are helping me with plotting and characterization, and I think I will feel ready to just write come November 1. Plus, most of what I've learned so far (and I'm not even done with the course yet!) can be applied to other ideas I'm working on. In fact, this'll help with the duality issue I've been having with one of my characters (that story is on the backburner while I prep for this year's NaNoWriMo). I think I'll be able to pinpoint what exactly is wrong and where; I'm very excited to jump ahead and rework the idea using techniques I've learned. For now though it's best for me to focus a bit on what I'll be writing this November.

In fact, many of Holly's techniques will help me with the web series idea, too, since I've been having problems with that as well. But I'm jumping ahead of myself again. (One step at a time, D.!)

Speaking of jumping ahead, I've just received in the mail business cards I ordered from VistaPrint. Yes, business cards. I figure something semi-professional looking that states my interests in writing (and filmmaking) & has my contact info. on it will aid me in realizing my dreams. I know that sounds a bit silly, but if I have a card that says I'm a "writer" or "filmmaker" (aspiring!) that I can pass out at networking events or classes/workshops, I feel I will come across less nervous (scribbling my name & email addy on a tiny scrap of paper becomes an illegible mess to anyone but myself) and more willing to learn & gain experience. Plus, at the end of a long day, when someone looks over the contact info. collected at a networking event, I figure a neat, professional card will have more of an impact than a hastily written note on a torn piece of paper. Don't you think? "Yes, I'm a writer. Keep in touch." "If you need an extra hand on your film, I'm willing to learn. Here's my contact info." "Oh, yes, I sell some of my photos online. Here's my card. Take a look. Drop me a line."

Today was an okay day at work but still stressful so it's the little things (like the business cards!) that keep me motivated to continue pursuing that which interests me the most. Creative opportunities ahead .. I can't help but feel a bit excited and hopeful. When I finish my nanonovel, I have every intention of revising and then sending out queries and proposals. When I have a few episodes of my web series written out to my satisfaction, I will start filming and posting the series online. And there are other things cookin' in the not-so background. I'm trying my best not to jump ahead of myself. :)

* I'm still involved, though from afar, with S.'s film "Passengers of 7D." The website will be update once the film goes into post, I think. (I just remembered I have to get my bio to Sharifa!) I'd intended to blog about my film experiences at New Film Nation (formerly Beanywood) but haven't gotten over there much lately. (research! writing! work!) I'll point you over there once I've posted a few updates. For now if you're interested in the film, check out the site. More info. will be available as the film nears completion.

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