Sunday, October 05, 2008

Writing Things

Holly Lisle is once again opening the online writing course I'm taking for a limited time starting Monday Oct. 6 until Mon. Oct. 13, and she offered a pdf which gives others a glimpse of some of the lessons along with a link to download a free module from Lesson 7. I personalized it a bit with my name (hee hee) and included the link here if anyone wants to take a peek. The course costs but the pdf and link inside the pdf are free. :)

Think Sideways PDF

The course is opening up to a limited number of students so if it fills up before Oct. 13, she'll close it again for a bit.

I'm using this course right now as my prep for NaNoWriMo. (I'm determined to finish it this year!) I *will* be using it to help me along with some other writing that's on hold and for web series plotting & character help.

Oh, and I'm enjoying Scrivener so far. I can see loads of potential for organizing and writing .. and less chance of me misplacing my notes when I go to write something. :)

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