Friday, October 03, 2008

Writing & Other Updates

I've joined Twitter. Holly Lisle dangled prezzies in front of me, and I'm learning so much from How to Think Sideways that I couldn't resist signing up/the opportunity for a free writing clinic. Holly has a rockin' way of celebrating her birthday. ;)

I've also downloaded a trial for Scrivener. If anyone has thoughts on that particular program, please feel free to share. I'll be playing with the program a bit this weekend. Hopefully I get a good sense of it.

This weekend will be busy. I promised to start on a simple (because I can't do anything more than simple & basic *g*) web site for my sis. We'll be showcasing and selling some digital art (hers more than mine *g*). I'll post a link once we're up and running. ;) I need to find a dress for Laura's wedding! I also need to clean (why are you laughing?) for S.'s arrival next weekend. Maybe get some con book letters out (I've already missed a few deadlines!) And write. And research. And go to Boston Sunday with L.? And figure out the dinner plans for next Wednesday. What I won't be doing is finishing any videos for the Burbank con. I didn't get much feedback from the people I showed them to, and I have no energy to start new ones since my mind is focused elsewhere anyway. Actually, this weekend won't be very busy compared to next. Next weekend will be action-packed but fun. Scott & Laura's wedding, S. visiting, maybe an outing in town or to Salem or somewhere else (depending on the weather), maybe a concert Sunday night .. busy, busy.

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