Monday, December 08, 2003

Let it Snow ...

The first real snowfall of Fall/Winter in New England dumped around 24 inches on my little town over the weekend. Luckily the office where I work closed Saturday in anticipation of the weather. *g* Saturday was very windy, and the snow came down heavy. Sunday was a bit warmer, probably due to slower winds. I spent an hour or two Saturday afternoon shoveling; same for Sunday morning. Imagine shoveling the driveway, the walkway, the stairs, then unburying the cars, thinking you’re done, then ... wha? the driveway, the walkway, and the stairs all need to be shoveled out again. lol

One of my neighbors suggested the town (or someone) should provide a Coffee Truck (similar to an Ice Cream truck in the summer time) to drive through the streets on these wintery days, selling coffee. *vbg* I think that’s a great idea. lol

We took a walk downtown to a local store at the end of our street to pick up snacks. It must’ve been a sight to see. Not much is cleared from the streets or sidewalks, and there are mountainous snow bank mounds separating those on the street from those on the sidewalk. Climbing the snow banks brought back memories. lol


Today I am babysitting Ella instead of going into work. Yay! =)

That’s the happy news. The sad news is another great uncle passed away. The wake was Thursday and Friday (which I, of course, missed due to work and not knowing about it on time); the burial was Saturday, during the storm .. though it might have been delayed due to the snow (?) .. I don’t really know how these things work.


Saturday I also had the pleasure of watching really bad anime (not adult anime - the kind that’s geared toward teens). Well, I only watched it for a few minutes, and it was bad in the sense that the cartoon was mostly voiceovers and panning over stills. There wasn’t much actual animation. (Hey! I can do that!)

Then I watched a bit of “Little Bill” which is a sweet, fun, cartoon for kids.


Saw this on CityLine ...

Check out Nuestra Culinary Ventures to find out about a non-profit organization, based in J.P., that helps entreprenurial chefs get started (properly licensed, work in a professional kitchen, etc.) ... tasty foods! =)


A little on conventions ...

I’ve finally finished my Scaper Con report, complete with photos, but I have to upload the pages. It’s more of a personal diary of the weekend and may not be of interest to everyone (which is why I have a Photos Only section). I have to figure out a way to set captions on the photos, too. *g*

The wonderful Blue Lady committee will be taking a much needed rest in 2004 and “Scaper Con” will not be held, *but* there are several smaller Scaper conventions proposed around the country for next year, organized by fans. So far I know of two, one on each coast of the U.S. Wormhole West will be held in San Francisco in the Fall of 2004. They plan on inviting Farscape guests to their convention. A smaller, fans only (ie, no guests!) convention is being planned on the East Coast. Soon, the organizers (of which I am one) will be ready to officially announce Escapade, a fan-run Farscape convention based in Boston, June 2004.

We’re almost there. We’ll let you know. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. *g*

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