Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Procrastination Update

A few posts back, I wrote a bit about my procrastination woes of late. I've since ticked a few items off that list.

- I got my hair cut on Friday. It's now skimming the tops of my shoulders. So, it's still long enough for the cold weeks ahead, but it's short enough to feel weightless, which is nice. =) Since I had around two years of growth being chopped off (hehe), I donated my hair to Locks of Love. They make wigs out of donated hair for children who have lost theirs (for example, cancer patients).

- I finished all my con book entries before the deadlines. Yay!

- I burned my music vids on DVD before the Creation Farscape video contest deadline for this year's Burbank convention. I hadn't heard anything though, so I assumed that none of mine were chosen. After all, why would they be when there are so many talented vidders out there already with so many beautiful vids to their names? Creation announced at the con that they received 60 entries and chose 20 of them to show at the convention. Jo notified me over the weekend that one of my vids actually played at the convention! Herdthinner was at the con, saw the vid, and called Jo who then emailed me. :D

Although I'm still trying to figure out why they did pick mine and why that particular one out of the two I submitted, I can't help but be excited and pleased. Anyway, if you want to watch my video, it's online here: Happy Happy Joy Joy.

There's a lot wrong with it and that needs to be redone, but I think it gets the point across regardless, and I hope it's entertaining. Comments and criticism (if it's constructive) are welcome because that's how I learn what to keep, what to do differently, etc., for the next time. ; )

I feel semi-accomplished. *g*

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