Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I don't know what it is about me, but for some reason, people tend to give me coats as gifts. Maybe I look like I'm chilly a lot of the time? I suppose that's possible. It's also winter in New England, and today's weather chilled me to the bone. *brrrrr* I can only imagine how frozen I looked today as I walked to various destinations and back again, but I have to say, for the record and for anyone who might be thinking of getting me another coat, that I'm the type of person who wears a coat until it's worn out. To make matters more complicated for coat-giving friends and family, I already have two long winter coats (one wool) and at least three short coats. I guess one can never have enough coats for the winter, and some people aren't even lucky enough to own one really good winter coat so I can't really complain, and I'm not complaining, just noting this peculiarity out loud.

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