Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas Tree

I think that'll be my new holiday wish/greeting for people. Have a merry Christmas tree. My little niece wished us that this weekend. She was so excited. Christmas trees, lights, people smiling, lots of joy, especially for her. At the annual Christmas eve gathering, she was a hit with all the relatives who hadn't seen her in two years. They commented on how happy and polite she was. *g* When anyone asked, she would say she wanted a Christmas tree from "Santa comin' to town." Sometimes she sang "Jingle Bells" though not to the "guys upstairs." On Christmas day she was given a little kitchen set from her parents and trains, books and a baby doll from us. She also received a vacuum cleaner which she *loved*. She was busy cleaning up the living room most of the day. *bg* We also watched "Polar Express." (more trains! yay! *vbg*)

We learned a very valuable lesson though. Too many gifts equal an overwhelmed child. Also, assemble the toys and put the batteries in *before* you wrap the gifts. You'd think we would've learned this on her birthday, but no. :p

Somewhere in there the meaning was lost, too. My niece had been excited about the day we remember Jesus' birthday (that's how we had all explained Christmas to her), and she was still excited when the day came, but it seemed so rushed, like a blur. I wish we'd taken a little more time to slow it all down for her .. and stressed more quiet moments. She didn't even have a chance to listen to the Christmas record I was playing in the background. I used to love listening to the music on the record .. and the stories. *sigh*

It was a good day but a blur, like I said. Saturday night, I'd gone to bed without heading out to midnight mass. Sunday morning we finished some wrapping, some cleaning, got dressed, and my sister and her family arrived. A blur. A very nice blur .. but a blur.

Gift highlights: (that I received)
- a little photo puzzle with my niece as the picture
- a digital camera
- more Alice
- a faster notebook with more HD space (we transferred all my files, preferences, programs, etc., last night)
- a new Sims game
- a cute hat and scarf, some socks & tights (yes, I like these things! I walk to work so they keep me warm)
- a jewelry box

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