Monday, January 23, 2012

My 2011 Review - The Good, The Awesome, The Bad, The Ugly

In no particular order, here are some of 2011's highlights:

* major face failure in January; one year later, and I’m still haunted by the mystery person
* I took a chance. Twice. Both times it paid off in the short run but not the long run. I don’t regret taking either chance at all. :)
* I sold a lot (for me) on etsy. :) Unfortunately I didn’t make enough new items to sell. All my crafting/creating plans seemed doomed to remain .. unfinished.
* Walk for Hunger! :)
* reconnected with old friends :)
* made a new friend :)
* met new people :)
* attended a film screening for P7D :)
* said goodbye to NHS
* went hiking on Blue Hills :)
* realized I was falling into the old oubliette/limbo/holding patterns and tried unsuccessfully to break the patterns before it was too late
* spent too much time online
* my writing suffered; it was basically nonexistent for 2011
* got my copy of P7D! :)
* gave up coffee for awhile :) but drank too much coffee for the remainder of the year
* got into a Facebook habit in February because I had a reason to play on there
* long walks in the nice weather :)
* went on an actual date (go me!) :)
* failed NaNoWriMo
* enjoyed the beautiful weather as much as possible :)
* realized early on that my crush wasn’t crushing on me after all and that he was just being nice because he’s a nice person; of course, it didn’t make the realization any easier and so I lived in hope & denial for a while; “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” (Charlie Brown)
* saw a movie at Legacy Place (holy cow! that place is big!)
* was disappointed to discover I wasn’t as high on someone’s friend list as I thought I had been and spent too much time trying to figure out if I was a friend, a sometimes friend or just an acquaintance
* was amazed to meet someone who was actually excited to spend time with me :)
* was called cute (yay!) :)
* Duck Tour! :)
* visited with family, including a visit with my Dad :)
* Found two pairs of pants that actually fit! :)
* Joined PostCrossing :)
* Got some pen pals! :)
* won a gift basket :)
* had a visit from Missy :)
* NYC! :)
* was beyond tired (exhausted!) in the beginning of the year and in the end of the year
* had lasagna (December) :)
* too many strange, random comments made to me than I can recall
* 101 in 1001 failure! but I made a new list so it’s all good
* cancer in the family .. again :(
* R.I.P. Ray LaPierre - December 23, 2011 - sad Christmas :(

I think that was pretty much it.

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