Sunday, January 25, 2004

Gone Fishin’

Although it means missing the opportunity to tape the Lion Dance ... again, I opted not to head to Chinatown’s New Year’s celebrations today. It’s too cold, and I’d have to catch an early bus inorder to be in Boston on time. If it weren’t so cold, I could justify standing there with my camcorder and hanging out ‘til the next train back, but the weather report says otherwise. *sigh*

Plus, Tiggy’s foot is ... well, not quite right, and I want to keep an eye on him today. I know the vet told my sister to wait a few days, but when I came home last night and saw him, I understood why my sister had described his foot as twisted and the limping as scary. He isn’t behaving any differently, and his foot/ leg doesn’t appear to hurt him, but still ... Dislocation keeps popping into my head, as does a dozen other possibilities. :-(

Yesterday was good, though it didn’t start that way, what with first my sister’s phone call (What happened to the cat’s leg?) and then my mother’s call (There’s a car up on the sidewalk ... and ambulances ... and lots of police cars ...). Work, however, wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been for a busy Saturday and afterwards was Chick Day. Never ate at Bugaboo Creek before. The food was tasty and the talking moose was fun, but I hadn’t realized it was a steak house, and I wasn’t in a meaty sorta mood. Still, I enjoyed lunch and even more so L.’s frightened confession when we first parked (I’ve never eaten moose before). I liked the movie, too, and no one kicked the backs of our seats, so that was a bonus. (Of course, J. sat in the only broken seat in the row but never said a word ‘til it was all over. She’s a patient soul.) The ending was well done, and like that Johnny Depp movie we saw in the Previews says The only thing that matters is the ending ... or something like that. If the ending is weak, then there’s no satisfaction for the viewer. Actually, I don’t agree competely with that statement because the beginning sets the tone and the middle tells the story, so they’re just important ... but anyway ... I’d recommend Big Fish to everyone and would like to see it again.

One of the topics discussed at lunch was Escapade, and I have to admit swinging from optomistic to pessismistic and back again on a regular basis (and this time was no different). Please, if you’re reading this & considering signing up and you have any questions or concerns or suggestions or comments in general, let me know! I’d really like to hear from you.

Also, I’ve added a link that I snurched from tarzanic. If you have an LJ just substitute your user name in place of “ctegan.” Please enjoy Ctegan’s News Network. *vbg*

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