Monday, January 19, 2004

Weekend in New York

Friday morning I received a watch and ... something else ... for my birthday. (faulty memory) During the day, my email box received a few ecards. When I arrived home, I had a card waiting from my Dad. That night we blew out candles and enjoyed a double layer chocolate cake with strawberries.

Saturday, L. and I traveled to NYC where we met Trinity (S.), Dargo (I.) and ZGirl (L.H.) at Penn and then headed a few blocks over to play Lazer Tag! While waiting for our turn, we fed quarters to the video games and had a Tekken 4 challenge of sorts. S. has Nina’s moves down. lol Lazer Tag itself was awesome. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would (even though it was hot in those vests!) ... Although I’d been warned to hold down the front buttons while pulling the trigger (otherwise the shot won’t register), I kept forgetting to do so during Game One. lol Game Two’s scores were better. Green Team lost. Trinity, Dargo, and ZGirl were on the Red Team and actually had a good strategy for playing. I was on Green Team. We just went out there and hoped for the best. lol

It was my first time, and I’d love to do it again, maybe with more people. =)

We put on our best Charlie’s Angels poses (hee) in front of the briefing room (blame it on dehydration? *g*) before we searched out food and drink.

Dinner was at Planet Hollywood where service was not up to snuff, but I still enjoyed my Cobb Salad and had a great time anyway. Afterwards we made our way into Brooklyn where our host and hostess (I. and birthday girl S.) provided treats and drinks and a chocolate cheesecake birthday cake for me and S. (yum!) :D (I also got a cool little book of quotes from L.H.) We watched “Bringing Down the House” and “Galaxy Quest” before conking out around 3:30am.

Sunday was leisurely and relaxing. We woke up late (well, all except for poor I. who had to go to work) and watched a video of some Ty Treadway clips that L. had brought with her. Before we ventured to breakfast (Junior’s), I had the pleasure of reading one of the screenplays that S. is working on. She’s a talented writer from what I read, though I hope to look at it more closely soon.

We figured we’d be cutting it close if we went to Port Washington and decided to save that for another visit. The remaining hours before L. and my train was spent at the Manhattan Mall where we walked around a bit before sitting and chatting. S. & L.H. escorted us back to Penn, so L. & I could wait for our train (which was a little delayed, yet we still arrived at our destination on time).

Oh, and another present ... last Sunday, my sisters gave me a digital camcorder! :D


Sad news ... my grandmother is back in the nursing home, for good now. She required more care at home than my uncle could handle alone, and my grandmother, being the independent woman that she is in spirit, wouldn’t cooperate with the caregivers that came to help.


A little on conventions ...

My Scaper Con report is available for your perusal here. It’s more of a personal diary of the weekend and may not be of interest to everyone (which is why I have a Photos Only section). *g*

The wonderful Blue Lady committee will be taking a much needed rest in 2004 and “Scaper Con” will not be held, *but* there are several smaller Scaper conventions proposed around the country for next year, organized by fans. So far I know of two, one on each coast of the U.S. Wormhole West will be held in San Francisco in the Fall of 2004. They plan on inviting Farscape guests to their convention. A smaller, fans only (ie, no guests!) convention is being planned on the East Coast. Escapade, a fan-run Farscape convention based in Boston, will be held June 24-27, 2004. Please see the website for details.

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