Monday, November 29, 2004

Back from the Meadowlands

Jo and I have just returned from Creation's Thanksgiving Convention! We arrived in Norwoodopia at 5:15pm. We'd left NJ around 11:30am. Yes, we did get lost. ;-) This time we can't blame it on Scooby Doo or Hong Kong Phooey. :P I'll have to post a full report later, once my pictures are developed. On the ride home, we listened to Signal Room's new CD (several times *bg*), The Day You Ran Away. It's fantastic!!!! It so rocks. :D I also had the pleasure of meeting and talking to two of the band members, Steve and Gerry, whom I hadn't met before (note: I have met band members Anth and Wayne before - awesome guys!) and the lovely woman who was with them. They were fun to talk to and so nice. All three of them worked on set for Farscape. I really wanted to ask them questions about their jobs in the tv/film industry, too. I love behind the scenes and day to day job info., but they were there as the band so I restrained myself though I suppose they wouldn't have minded telling me what their work was like. Ooh! and they did an accoustical set (sans drummer Wayne Pygram - that's why it was accoustical) and sounded very cool. Buy their CD! :D

We also listened to Haunted by Poe. I've never heard Poe before, and I loved it; I need that CD. *bg* Oh, and on the last stretch we stuck in Saturday Morning Cartoon's Greatest Hits again, but that was *after* we'd gotten lost. ;-)

Lastly, Ben Browder is an Alice fan! (or I suspect that he is) Woohoo! :D How cool is that? :) I meant to mention that I loved the lines he'd recited from "Jabberwocky" (my favorite poem if you couldn't tell by the name of this blog or the posts I've made on the subject! *vbg*) when I'd gone up in the autograph line, but I'd forgotten to by the time I got up there. :( In fact, I don't recall saying much at all. :( I also wanted to talk a bit to Anthony Simcoe re: D'Argo and the ending of PKW and actually had an opportunity to do so when he brought up my con book message/photo in line, but I forgot, of course. :( What is it about conventions that cause me to have a temporary case of memory loss? *sigh*

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