Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Con Book Updates and Deadlines

Want to send a message to one of the Farscape cast? Well, you're in luck! The tradition of convention books continues. *g* Most of the books will be presented at Burbank, but some will be sent at a later date. Listed first is the deadline for submissions, followed by the cast member, who the person is on the show (since not everyone knows the cast by name), and the email address you'll want to send your message to. Many of the con book organizers will accept photos as well via email (.jpg or .bmp). When in question, email the organizer first.

What to say? Anything you want! Just keep it clean. ;-)
Need help with what to say? Read cybergal's helpful post Con Books Messages Made Simple! for a simple way to do con book messages. =)

11/12/2004   Claudia Black   (Aeryn Sun)
11/13/2004   Wayne Pygram   (Scorpius & Harvey)
11/13/2004   Brian Henson   (Director & owner of Farscape)
11/13/2004   Rockne O'Bannon   (Creator of Farscape)
11/13/2004   David Kemper   (Writer/Executive Producer)
11/13/2004   Melissa Jaffer   (Noranti)
11/13/2004   Ricky & Cheryl Manning   (Writer/Producer & his wife)
11/15/2004   Ben Browder   (John Crichton)
11/15/2004   Francesca Bueller   (M'Lee, RoNA, Raxil & Akna)
11/15/2004   Anthony Simcoe   (Ka D'Argo)
11/15/2004   Raelee Hill   (Sikozu)
11/15/2004   Lani Tupu    (Bialar Crais & voice of Pilot)
11/16/2004   GiGi Edgley   (Chiana)
11/16/2004   Bianca Chiaminello   (Jenavian Chatto: Peacekeeper Disruptor from "Look at the Princess")
11/16/2004   Felicity Price   (the Princess from "Look at the Princess")
11/17/2004   David Franklin   (Capt. Braca)
11/17/2004   Virginia Hey   (Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan)
12/11/2004 Paul Goddard (Stark)

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