Friday, November 12, 2004

The World Today

Like everyone else, I often wonder what is wrong with people in the world today? Of course, it isn't just "today" that is the problem. There has always been fighting, hatred, kiling, wars in the world throughout its history. It just seems that the violence is escalating. I'm getting older so maybe it's perception on my part as I age. Maybe the violence isn't getting worse at all, but it sure feels like it.

S. should be back in Iraq right now as part of the CPT, but I haven't heard any updates from her by email so I have to wonder what she is going through and what in the world must the family she's staying with and their neighbors be going through right now? I hope she's okay and that the other CPTers and the families they're staying with are all okay as well.

The Muslim community in the Netherlands is fearful as well after the brutal murder of Van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker whose controversial film "Submission" criticized Islam. Certain groups on both sides seem to be using the film and his murder as excuses for more violence. "The arrest of Muslim militant Mohammed Bouyeri, 26, as the main suspect in the killing has been followed by what seems to be a cycle of retaliation between Christian and Muslim extremists. A half-dozen arson attacks on Muslim buildings were answered by fire bombings that caused minor damage at churches in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amersfoort." I guess, according to a CNN article ethnic tensions in the Netherlands have been increasing over the years anyway. Maybe Van Gogh's murder has set things over the top.

A man opens fire at the Eiffel Tower. In other parts of the world, war is encouraged. And the police have to use a stun gun on a 6-year-old boy?

I worry, too, about the children who are raised in these times to hate and to curse and to be violent themselves. My mother told me about a woman who proudly declared that her little daughter came home from school & announced that Kerry is a nincampoop. Where did the little girl hear this? Why, she heard it from her teacher! And this woman was so pleased that a teacher was sharing her bias with the class (of first graders, I think) and that her teacher was calling someone names. Vote for whomever you want. Express your opinion on each person. That's your right. Please don't use inflammatory language or name-calling in front of a child! If you do, don't be surprised when the child calls other children or adults all sorts of names. Don't be surprised when that child grows up thinking it's okay to make fun of other people, to put them down, to ridiculte them. If adults that the child looks up to exhibit that sort of behavior, then it must be okay, right?

I have no answers just a whole lotta questions right now. *shakes head*

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