Friday, December 03, 2004

Baker's Dozen, Take Two

Well, I couldn't resist. The other night, I did a second Baker's Dozen entry. This time I stuck it on my photoblog. The original one is in the previous post. I also stuck a so called "posed" photo from the breakfast here. Most of the photos I took last weekend were fuzzy or too far away. If I'd used my digital camera, the photos would still look decent when I resized and cropped them. As it stands now, with my film camera, the photos, when zoomed in & cropped under Photoshop, look okay. Oh well. The weekend was fun regardless.

Also for fun, check out this really cool optical illusion.

Lastly, I'm wondering if I should put up a site (or have my sister do it) to replace the missing Boston Scapers one? No one uses it, but it was a way for new members to find the yahoo list. *sigh* And I thought that I could become less active in the group and pay attention to the things I'd neglected this past year (oh, like "Shades of Grey", classes, work, non-Scaper friends, writing projects & submissions, film & video projects, my finances, my health, just to name a few things) to help with Scaper-related things & to keep up with Escapade (also a missing site now). It'd be a shame if it all fell by the wayside now. *hm*

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