Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Winona Forever!

Ben Browder at the Creation Entertainment Thanksgiving Convention, NJ, 28 Nov. 2004

Baker's Dozen:

1. Scooby Doo and Hong Kong Phooey distracted us, but we didn't get lost! (yet)
2. Poor Jo desperately trying to finish the con books in time for the breakfast .. Then bringing them to breakfast and having to say, "These are for you, but you can't have them yet." (btw, the books came out great!)
3. Meeting Twich, shaking her hand and then being told that she'd just shook Ben's hand. Per Twich, it's "six degrees of Ben"! *snicker*
4. Pool in the bar Saturday night. Meeting up with other Scapers there. Having Anth recognize me from my silly little photo and message. :D
5. Hey, it's Tucker Smallwood on the elevator. "I'm so tired .. need sleep." He nods in agreement.
6. Talking to Gerry, Steve and the lovely woman who was with them.
7. Riding the elevator with Gigi and friend then trying not to invade their space while waiting to check out of the hotel. Getting a big smile from Anth at breakfast, at the photo op & in the autograph line. Being mesmerized by Ben's blue eyes at breakfast.
8. Sunday night dinner in the bar & Monday morning breakfast in the restaurant .. little white roses, pictures, laughter, food, fun!
9. Signal Room (acoustic performance) Sunday afternoon & listening the CD on replay during most of the drive home
10. Ben recites a few lines from Jabberwocky! :D Can I get a HELL YEAH?!
11.Jo & I decide to stay an extra night. Trish decides to do the same. Best decision ever!
12. "Wow, we're in Rhode Island already?"
"Did we miss the exit?"
"Are we going the wrong way?
"I can't believe we're stuck on the Braintree rotary." (as we circle for the fifth time) *g*
"Hm, south .. or north?"
"I don't know how to get home from here."
"All roads lead to Norwoodopia."
"We can't blame Scooby Doo this time."
much giggling ...

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