Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fathers and Photos from a Festival

Happy Father's Day to all the dads! I hope your day is relaxing and fun. :)

I wish I could've gone in town to visit with my dad today, but he didn't call back yesterday so I couldn't ask him (although I already know his answer - "I'm working"). Still, it would've been nice to go in for the day, have lunch and hang out. I haven't done that with my dad in several years, and I haven't seen him since Christmas .. or maybe it was two Christmases ago, before my grandmother (his mother) died. I'm surprised, too, that he hasn't called today yet since he wasn't able to reach me yesterday. If only I could get out at a regular, predictable time from work, we wouldn't have to play phone tag every weekend. *sigh*

Anyway, my other reason for this post (besides wishing a good day to fathers everywhere) is to share some of my pictures from the Irish Connections Festival on June 11.
I posted some of the photos on my Live Journal. You can see those by clicking here.

Step Dancers, 11 June 2005, Irish Connections Festival, Canton, MA

Elephant Rides and a Petting Zoo, 11 June 2005, Irish Connections Festival, Canton, MA

Fiddler Ashley MacIsaac and his band perform, 11 June 2005, Irish Connections Festival, Canton, MA

I'll post some more on my photo blog and on my fotolog as time permits.

- This post has been brought to you by the number 4 and the letter F.

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